Sunday, June 29, 2008

All Over the World....

Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and realize that the church is true... everywhere.
Today we visited a different ward. We've been to this ward before, no big surprises.
However, the Sunday School instructor did give a big cheer for the US Courts over-turning ban on weapons on government property.... I didn't hear much after that...
However, one thing remained the same. The combined 3rd hour lesson was on getting out of debt, but they preached a LOT that we should be out of debt, but not how.
And that gets me to how the church is the same everywhere.
  • Read your scriptures -- but HOW? How do I keep the spirit with me with 2 kids trying to climb on my bed and kick me. How do YOU other women do it?
  • Have Family Home Evenings? But HOW? How do I keep children on many educational levels entertained for the few minutes we're able to be all together?
  • Get out of debt. But HOW? How, when you are in a struggling economy and barely able to buy food (this isn't us -- but I know it's lots of people around us).
Anyway, interestingly enough -- the few glimmers of information I had pass to me during Sunday School, the lesson was on learning the hows of things. However, I think it's learning from LOTS of experiences (the beauty of Relief Society -- where you have women of all age levels learning from each other) -- which requires class participation (or, if teachers are leary of that, they can seek for inspiration to call a few women ahead of time).

Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day. I am grateful to know we all struggle with things. Sometimes that's the most comforting part of church.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A few thoughts on this fine Thursday

Just a few random thoughts
1. The kindness of strangers is sometimes overwelming.
2. Super glue is a genius invention
3. Worrying doesn't help.

Stay tuned for more genius bursts of inspiration.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My life in a tree

Did anyone else watch the Men in Trees season finale? I ended-up really liking that show, even though I think Anne Heche has lost it a few times....
Anywho, the season finale was about the balance between people in relationships, specifically husband and wife (or boyfriend/girlfriend on TV, because we know "no one" gets married anymore). She talked about how each one brings something to the relationship and you can't measure who's doing what at any one point.
It's so true. I mean, I do a lot around here. But, sometimes I just shut my door and watch food TV for a few hours just to leave it all behind. And Drew picks-up behind me, never questions why. I appreciate that so much.
The problem is, we rarely realize what the other person is doing -- only realizing what we're doing and how painful it is.
On Sunday my lesson was about sharing the glad tidings of the gospel. Honestly, when I think of sharing the gospel with friends I think about how they won't want to go to church for 3 hours, or give-up their vice's, or have a calling that takes over their lives.
But, I tend to forget that not drinking/smoking/etc. makes my life so much more free, or that those 3 hours fills me up so that I can last through the week, or that my callings have made me who I am and have provided me with friends I will have for a lifetime.
As I was teaching I realized that I need to wrap my arms around those experiences. I need to remember them. I need to share THOSE experiences. THOSE experiences make me me.
And how lucky I am to have them, and Drew.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I know that a lot of schools/teachers are getting into looping -- that means that your child would have the same teacher for two (or possibly more) years. I thought I would share the pros and cons that I've had in regards to this:
1. If you have a great teacher, it's so relaxing to stick with them. Our school did give us the option to leave Miss Dodson, and I think that's only fair. I mean, if you're having issues with the teacher, you definately wouldn't want to stay for another year.
2. The teacher already knows your child's strengths and weaknesses. It's nice to go in on day one with her knowing that Conner struggles with struggling (that's a blog for another day). She doesn't have to do all that testing to figure out how she can best help him (although, she still does -- stupid no child left behind).
3. It's nice to build strong friendships. I know that if Conner is ever in trouble he can go to those kids he knows so well. They are fierce about each other. Miss Dodson did promote that they were a class and they were to stand-up for each other... but these kids were special. On a side-note they were all hand-picked to be in a 1/2 combo and that made it extra nice that he was with some of the smartest/easiest to get along with kids.
1. The teacher already knows your child. This could also be considered bad. She might anticipate problems he's going to have or whatnot. I would still put this higher on the pro side, than the con side.
2. I woudn't have been so happy to have JUST the same friends for 2 years. We were lucky in that 1/2 of our class came-up with us, and the other half went to 3rd grade and we got some new friends in there. I appreciated how that did change the dynamic of things, etc.
3. Your child is already comfortable with the teacher. Conner never went through the phase of wanting to impress her, or being shy enough that he didn't act-up in class. That's a big of a honeymoon stage and I know it doesn't last long -- but at least it's something. :) I just had to make sure he was always being respectful and keeping himself in check.

All in all, I loved it -- but I know people whose experience didn't work-out so well. Those are my thoughts!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dressing Room Hell

With the weight loss I haven't really bought any new clothes. I've just cinched in my belt, and that makes me happy anyway (even if my pants are all gathered around my waist).
However, I needed a pair of shorts for the summer. I am SO glad the fashion is the longer shorts. Horray for small miracles.

So, with my 30% off coupon in hand I headed-off to Kohls. I wasn't excited for this venture -- and for good reason. So, I picked-up like 6 sizes of shorts, not having a clue where my new body would fit. Turns-out I fit into all of them, sort of. I think the size I really am, they don't have. So, I picked the next size up and threw them in my cart.

I think I'll stick to cinching my pants for another while, and let's not even talk about bathing suits... {sigh}

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eating Consciously -- a reminder post

So, the rules for eating consciously are simple:

1. Eat what you want. This has been really great for me. I no longer suffer with low fat items, when I prefer the taste of full fat. I eat whatever I want. DE-lish.

2. Eat when you're hungry. Main problem, I'm RARELY hungry. I'm talking I can often go all day without eating and most likely won't feel hunger pains. So, I am still eating at my mealtimes, with a rare snack (and not at night).

3. Eat consciously -- for me, this has been really enjoying what I eat. I close my eyes and really love it. For, you see, I am eating something I love anyway (see #1). When I feel like I'm still going to be hungry after the portion I have, I close my eyes and really enjoy it -- and I realize that I probably won't still be hungry (I'm just greedy).

4. Stop when you're full. I still have hard time with this one. I am getting much better. and someitmes I see the "full" barrier coming and I steamroll over it with a few more bites -- but the key is finding your full point. At first I just stopped when I was no longer hungry. Now, I have a little better idea of it.

So, go out and eat consciously. Let's all be thin. :) Any other questions ladies?

Move on...

One of the best parts of moving here is that most of my friends also don't have family here, so we become very close. We're a tight group of individuals who lean on each other for support. It is also one of the worst things when one of those friends move.
And move they do.
Since we don't have family here, none of us feel particularly too tied to the area, or some of us are going to school (although I have vowed not to make good friends with anyone else just here for school -- it's too painful).
I have two very good friends leaving me. It makes me so sad, although I am grateful for the internet where we can stay in touch.
Sometimes I wonder if it's just this area. It's completely painful to watch them leave. Would it be better if I lived in Utah, or someplace else? Obviously, the cost of living is insane here -- but, opportunities are also huge.
Who knows. I just wish they'd all stay (until we move, of course -- and then they're free to go).

Monday, June 16, 2008

When watering goes too far

We have a leak in our sprinkler system.
Well, I should say HAD a leak in our sprinkler system -- for, I needed it fixed, and fixed right away.
That's where Drew comes in.
Poor guy -- first day off of school and I have him up to elbows in mud. And I'm talking the super dirty kind of mud -- not the super clean kind that you must have. :)
It's done.
I'm so happy.
I love him so.
For, I would rather have a fixed sprinkler system than jewels any day.
And yes, I am a freak.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fatty Patty

Well, in order to save you all, I haven't done a weight loss post lately. Honestly, with my birthday and mother's day, I was completely in a stall. But, after the kidney stones I decided it was time to get back on the eating consciously wagon. I have finally broken the 180 barrier (with clothes on, even -- one time I did break it, but I had to do it naked). It feels so good to check the scales each morning. No, I don't lose every day but I'm not gaining and I do lose most days (when I eat properly). I also feel like this is something I can keep doing forever. Even when I was in my stall I wasn't gaining weight, which is important. I don't want to go back to where I was. Except for the day I actually had the kidney stone. I gained SEVEN pounds that day at the hospital. Can you believe that? It's all the water they pumped in me -- but still. Wow.

So, I started keeping track of inches and weight (I was weighing for about 2 years before this -- but once I was steadily losing weight I thought I'd keep track of the inches too). So, in those 2.5 months I've lost 10 pounds and about 5 inches. I mean, that's not enough to get me on Oprah but I do feel proud. Since I started the whole weight loss thing I've lost almost 32 pounds...

Of course, I feel entirely sheepish when people get so excited about how much weight I've lost. First off, despite my urning to be a Broadway star I am not a huge fan of attention being leaped upon me. Secondly, I feel embarrassed that I ever WAS as big as I was. But, people are noticing. They all ask what I'm doing. It's hard to say "I'm just eating appropriately" Because, hey -- shouldn't I have been doing that all along? But, when I tell them the specifics almost EVERYONE gets it. They wish they'd figure out how to do that too. Anyway, that's my big update. Go me.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guess who got cancelled

I mean, I try not to take it personally, but how many of you have been cancelled? I would guess not too many! Especially at 6 am -- it does a sad thing to a woman's psyche.
So, I'm up -- I'm ready to work. What do I do?
I make a new blog header (priorities, priorities!). I think I'll also do Drew's father's day breakfast today so he can enjoy it more (we have 9 am church, it doesn't make for a very enjoyable AM -- and we're headed to a graduation party after church).
Gosh, the day just stretches out in front of me with no plans. I see my garage being very, very clean by the end of it. Of course, they can make me work at 11 am because they like me to be their little plaything.
So, who really knows?
ETA at 9:47 AM -- Totally cancelled, that's me. No more Hilary toy. :) Although, it might be worth not working to see Spencer's face light-up when he hears I'm not going to work. :) Garage is spik-and-span.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fond Farewells

Today's a big day in my little life, some fond farewells....

1. Last day of school. I obviously have mixed emotions of this. I am SO ready to be done with school, and with all the work that comes with it. I'm ready to jump into my life as an employee and a vacationer (is that a word?). I can't tell you how hard it is for me to move on though. We have obviously loved our experiences with Miss Dodson, and the fact that Conner has been with a lot of these kids for two years makes it even harder. By the end of the day Miss Dodson couldn't even talk she was so sad. Somehow I find great joy in that. First off, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who gets a bit teary-eyed but I also truly appreciate that she loves my kids almost as much as I do, that she will miss the same things that I do. I love that about her. I will miss that class, but I ready to face third grade with a smile.

2. My dad is retiring today. My father has taught at BYU since before I was born, since before my parents were married (my dad met my mom when she was his secretary). I doubt that there are many people who have worked there longer than he has. I can't think of a single professor that I had who didn't know who he was. He's taught the largest class at BYU (American Heritage), from inception (and even wrote part of the book). He has been a vice president, he's been a dean, he's been on several influential committees. I know my mom is worried about him being at home, and what they're going to do with themselves, but I think they'll both have a lovely time with each other (as long as they have seperate computers).

3. Tim Russert. It's just so sad. I felt like he was one of the few impartial journalists out there. My prayers are with his family as I remember h had a son who just graduated from college. Growing up in a family who valued political news on the same level as gold I have heard from Tim for quite some time.

Things change, nothing stays the same and I don't particularly enjoy it... so there.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am dumb.
I've been paying like 3 bucks (one time I got it for a dollar, which was a sweet deal, but still not as cheap as this was) for pizza sauce in a jar.
HELLO, it's SO easy to make!
I combined tomato paste, tomato sauce, italian seasonings, garlic (the pureed kind in a jar), dehydrated onions and mixed it all up.
Yummiola, and it just tasted more fresh and healthy.
And heavens knows I want to be fresh and healthy.

School's out tomorrow.
Someone get me a kleenex.

The Fear that Flies around you

Spencer is COMPLETELY afraid of bugs. Mostly the flying kind, but one time I showed him a roly-poly in the garden and I thought I needed to put him in a pull-up he was so scared. :)

Do your children have this issue?

What do you do about it?

In other news, guess who got her summer work schedule yesterday? I see a blog break happening soon. I don't tend to be the best blogger when I'm working a lot. At least you'll have me a few more days, so get your fill. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy and Sad

The end of the school year is a very bittersweet time for us. Not only our are own children growing and moving on (and I think we all know how hard it's been for me in past years when we give-up our teacher, and this time we've had our teacher for two years -- I will most likely be a basket case). But, we have "other children" who we've had in band for 4 years that we have come to like very much. They too are leaving our little nest.

This morning I drove past the graduation practice at the rival high school (which, in fact, we live closer to than Drew's school), and I got a little lump in my throat. There are a few seniors I will miss very much this year. Thankfully, they are my friends on facebook now so I can still stalk them as they go to college. :)

But then there are the happy things. So, I am going to focus on those!
1. Today I made my last school lunch! Tomorrow Conner is taking hot lunch and Friday they're having a picnic and I am SO happy to have put my last vegetable in a plastic bag. Amazing how it's the little things that get so monotonous. I am vowing to get Conner more involved in making his lunch next year.
2. Next year Conner gets a whole half hour more of school. No, I'm not sure as to why -- but he does, and it makes me happy.
3. Review of old work. I have a big plastic bin that holds all of Conner's old papers from other years. I bring it out every year at this time, to put any amazing projects that he's done, etc. I am pretty picky about what I save, since this bin is going to have to hold EVERYTHING I'm saving from his school career but it's so fun to look through his old papers and realize how much he's learning and growing.
4. Homecomings. The kids who've gone off to college come home for the summer. It's so nice to see that they too are becoming productive members of society. Love them so.

Anyway, it's an exciting time for everyone. A time of gratitude that God has placed these people in my life at all. I'm going to try and remember that as I bawl my eyes out on Friday as Conner moves up a grade. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prom 2008

Alright, enough clammoring for this year's prom picture.


All the credit goes to Mr M. Photography.

And yes, I am stunning. Thanks for noticing. :)

If I Weren't Who I am...

Have you ever thought, if you could go back to college and have a major just for fun, what would it be?
Well, I have. I took about 2 classes that weren't required by my major (and they frowned on taking ANY classes that weren't required), and I hear about some of the fun classes my friends were taking (like weaving) I was stuck taking microbiology twice.
Anyway, enough of the nursing pity party, I know what I'd re-major in.
I'd do musical theater. Now, not musical DANCE theater, no MDT is just weird (let's not go to our family's thoughts on the Young Ambassadors) -- I'm talking Broadway.
I did a lot of musicals in high school, and I knew every word of the entire play, including gestures and facial expressions, problem was -- I was in the pit. I was always behind the scenes (or underground) and if I could do it all over again I wish I'd been on the stage a bit more.
However, I don't have the best voice... so that's a big of an issue when you want to be Galinda in Wicked...
But, if wishes were to come true... that's what I'd be. What about you guys? I tag every single one of you to do a blog entry about your "re-major" (and it can't be something that will make you rich, just what you'd really like to do).

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Wonderful Last Night

So, I had a super hot date last night -- that's right, Drew and I went to his prom. Well, it's not really his prom -- but he was like a rock star there. The kids had been asking him for years to come, and somehow the stars aligned last night so we were able to go.

It definitely made me think about my own prom, and I am digressing enough to show my very own prom picture. Condolences to my date, indeed.

This is also one of my first scrapbook pages, feel the joy. Props to Sharp photography who totally didn't give me a copyright release, and I just don't even care. After all, he was paid by the minute. :)

ANYWAY, I'm sure that some of you parents would thoroughly enjoy hearing what I noticed about your teenagers, where your prying eyes are not welcome. Just a few thoughts:

1. No sleeves. I didn't see a single girl in a dress that our church would consider modest. There were plenty of dresses that weren't showing off anything inappropriate, of course, there were plenty that were. although I am aware that many many people don't have the same standards as we do (this including almost every store I've ever seen a formal in around here), I am grateful for the flowy look that's so flattering on girls lately, and leaves a great deal to the imagination.

2. Make your teenager realize that their size is a size, and it's not to be messed with. NOTHING is sadder than seeing a girl constantly pulling down a dress that was at least 2 sizes too small on her. I'm sure she just KNEW she could fit in a size 8, but her size 12 body wasn't going to conform, if you know what I mean. These girls need friends that say it's fine if you're a size 12, and that size 12 looks a LOT better. Women, do NOT be afraid to say these kinds of things to your friends.

3. These kids were actually having a lot of good clean fun. I was prepared for the "shock and awe" of babies being made on the dance floor. Guess what, I didn't see any. On just one peruse of the channels on my TV I'm sure I would see worse. Yes, a bit of bump and grind, but for the most part the kids were just dancing and enjoying being with each other. The school provided a safe place to do that, and I applaud them.

4. Dancing no longer requires moving your feet. Well, it might, if there was room. Apparently "kids these days" like to dance in packs. So much so it's more of a wiggle than a dance. Feet rarely moving. It is also VERY HOT. Most likely that' girls dress I mentioned in #2 lost enough water on the dance floor for her dress to fit fine when she left.

5. Almost all the girls get their hair and makeup done by professionals. I actually feel sad that they didn't get the sweet moments in the bathroom that we had-- trying out hairstyles, the first time our friends saw our dress, the older girls helping the first timers... etc. Those were really fun. And, considering how hot it is on the dance floor, most of that hairspray and makeup has melted by the 2nd song anyway....

6. Before you go out and spend lots of money on shoe for your daughter, just take her to payless and have her model the shoes in her hands. At least 90% of the girls had their shoes in their hands and were running around barefoot (which, to me was honestly grosser than any lasciviousness I saw on the dance floor).

We actually enjoyed ourselves and it was nice to see the kids in their social situation, what they look all "done-up". I'm also glad that this area hasn't caught-on to the forever-long-group date. I remember for my prom (which I LOVED, just had a great time at, good memories) we went miniature golfing at around 11 am and the date basically continued til' past midnight. Is this just a Utah thing?

Happy end of year, I hope they came away with as many memories as I have of my own.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Car Ideas

Summer is fast approaching, and once again I'm wondering if anyone has any amazing car ideas? Some of you might remember that I am anti-DVD player. Say what you will -- Conner is almost 8 and it seems to be working for us. Well, it mostly does.
ANYWAY, I did make my tickets again this year (I count up the miles for each day and they have tickets for every 100 miles that we go -- I "punch" the tickets as we go -- that way they have more of a visual reminder of how much longer there is to drive -- I also include neat state facts in the ticket book along our journey, mock on your own time, thanks). That did help last time. ETA: I don't think I quite explained them very well -- so I took some pictures of our ticket books for this year's trip. BTW, I think Drew thought I was INSANE when I was making thes

I'm trying to get a little higher quality items, that will last longer than this trip. I found a few handheld games (yahtzee, wheel of fortune) for pretty cheap at Kohl's.
I'm buying a few klutz books for the kids.
Does anyone do anything else they have felt worked pretty well?
Not sure what's up with blogger pictures -- this one you can click on:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

An Update on My Food Storage Deals

The owner of My Food Storage Deals emailed me to let me know (she also posted it in the comment section):
"I noticed on your blog you had the price of $7--if people enter the promo
code FREE TRIAL they can get the two weeks free and the prices lowered to
$4.95 and $7.95 a month. This is only $1.13 or $1.83 a week--hopefully
people save MUCH more than that ;) " -- I wasn't sure if that was just the first week, or if it was forever, and she said that would be your subscription rate "forever" (or, most likely til' they change it).
Anyway, how SMOKIN' of a deal is that now?
She also mentioned that Harmons no longer price matches.
Bad, bad, Harmons.

Budgeting while on vacation

While we were in Sacramento Drew and I talked about how important it is for us to try and budget better while on vacation.
Since I am out of my usual routine, I also seem to be out of my routine of being careful what I purchase, etc. Also, I am not as able to shop the ads, or get as good of deals as I grocery shop, etc.
Anyway, we are trying to figure out an approximate per-day total so that we can have something to shoot for.
I am thinking 50 dollars/day (not including lodgings or gas) while we're staying in hotel, and 25/day when staying with family. We still have restaurants we want to go to while we're staying with our families, so that price seems about right.
What do you guys do on vacation? Do you have similar issues to me?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

UTAHNS open your ears!

So, I've been eye-ing the grocery game for a bit, but because it doesn't include all the stores I normally shop at I've decided against it, and continuing going at it on my own. I have kind of got my system down now to where it doesn't take as much time.
Well, the Provo-ites could totally rock this:
(thanks to my friend Sarah for showing me the link)
K, so far what I like:
1) Price is 7 bucks (I think it's 6.95, but I think we all know what that means) for 1 month. I think that's pretty fair. Plus, you can sign-up for a 2 week free trial right now (just be sure to cancel before you get charged if that's how you're gonna work it).
2) They give a whole food storage mormon-y type chart with it. Red's the great deals, green's good and blue's OK.
3) They give you FIVE stores for 7 dollar price. HELLO. That's a WHOLE lot of ad-searching you are NOT going to have to do. FYI, the stores are Reams, Smith's, Harmons, Macy's and Albertsons.
Anyway, I have asked her to give my 2 free weeks when I go to Utah (I'm gonna have to buy groceries while I'm at my mom's and I'd like to show her it's totally possible for her to do this).
Main problem I see in Utah:
Your grocery stores are just too spread-out. That's my benefit here -- can do 1 stores on my way home from C's school. I couldn't do that in Utah. So I think I'd have to pick my store (does Harmon's still price-match all the other stores?) and go from there.
So, just my thoughts for the day. Even if you're not living in Utah, you can check out her blog from that site -- it's pretty dang cool.

Enough Kidney Talk

I'm vowing no more kindey talk. Like my vicodin, it's tucked into a pastic container.

Safeway has some good coupons this week -- cereal, cheese. You can find some matching coupons on Chex mix is b1 get 1 free and you can use 1 coupons (you can use a coupon for the free item, as well as the one you're paying for) bringing it to around 1.50 for 2 of them (great summertime snack).

Lat night we went to Red Robin (YUM)(btw, if you sign-up for their eclub you can get a free burger within 2 weeks of your birthday -- pretty nice that they give you that leeway). The kids were DE-lighted that Red came out to say hello to them. On the way there Spencer said:

"before I die, I will be very very tired."

Amen brother, amen.

Guess who's going to prom this weekend?
I'll give you 3 guesses. :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Aerating my Kidney

When I had my little water inspection, the told me that my lawn desperately needed some aeration. So, off to find a hole-leaving aerator (the kind that leaves poop-like logs all over your lawn, which I later learned is actually good for your lawn -- despite how disgusting my children think they are). I did call to see how much it would cost to have my lawn aerated -- 40'ish bucks -- but I decided I could easily use that money elsewhere and moved on to find one. It did cost 30 dollars (only found the kind I wanted at OSH, dang them and their high prices) but it hasn't been that difficult. In my researching aeration on the Internet I have learned that it's something that a lot of people (aka, me) neglect in their lawns and it can have a big difference. I'll let you know. The lawns' about 2/3 done (front lawn -- haven't touched the back yet).

In other news I went to the urologist today. My other kidney has a stone as well, I guess of a smiliar size. And of course, as soon as I finished my dinner I felt a bit of pain back there. I immediately have flashbacks of how awful it could be. But, it never got there, it went away. Most likely I've had these before, but they didn't get wedged the wrong way or for who knows what reason I've not noticed them. The urologist said to call in if I have pain again, to drink 1-2 liters of water and some lemonade every now and then. Lucky me. It's obviously something I'm gonna have to live with. I can't be afraid of what will happen, but at least I now have 20-something pills to take if it ever done happen again. And if that's not peace of mind, I don't know what is (besides proper lawn aeration).

Monday, June 02, 2008

My Photo Shoot

I have a new little baby.
I'm calling him stoney.
Because A) He's a stone and B) I'd like to be stoned next time I have one. :)

Thanks for all your well wishes, I know they moved my little sphincter along. :)
P.S. I passed the thing on the left, not the penny. That's just for frame of reference. Just a reminder of how a tiny thing can totally screw-up your life.


While I am just sitting around waiting for my little baby to come (aka, my kidney stone -- but you can be assured there WILL be a photo shoot when {or if} it ever comes out) I saw my 2nd great cousin 12 times removed (we're related, not eactly sure what the terminology is for it...) has a GREAT photography tutorial on creating Keepsakes . Her name is Candice Stringham, and she's an amazing professional photographer. And they are here. I thought it answered a lot of questions I often get about how I shoot my kids (with photos, not my dagger-like glares).

Me, today

I got Conner to school and I got my TB tests, anything else that happens is all just a bonus.
I'm gonna try and go vicodin-less today.
Better than topless... I suppose.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A little update on little me and my HUGE stone. :)

Feeling ok today. I still took the pain medicine this AM but I am thinking I'm just gonna see how it goes after that.
I haven't had much pain today, so I'm hoping to exist with just the ibuprophen so I can still drive (dumb me got her TB test done on Friday so I have to go get it read tomorrow, plus we're feeding the missionaries... and general mom stuff).
My appt. with the urologist is on Tuesday (and I'm going on C's field trip in the AM).
One little stone won't stop me!
Unless, of course, it acts up again -- at which point I'll completely drug myself into a coma if I have to. :)


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