Monday, July 28, 2008

A Very Special Day Indeedy-doo

Saturday was a VERY special day at our house. Conner was able to be baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was such an amazing feeling to have our family and our friends so close to us. We so rarely have that here and I really felt so much joy that day, and so blessed. Some of you might wonder why on EARTH we didn't just do it while we were in Utah. Well, I questioned it myself. Was it selfish to make our parents fly here?
Well, it probably was, but for our children they most likely see our friends as more of their aunts and uncles than their actual aunts and uncles. They are such great role models to them and we love them all SO much. We were grateful that many of them are good priesthood holders and were able to stand in the circle. I meant to get a photo of all the men that helped confirm him, but I forgot {sigh}.
We followed to ordinance with a yummy lunch. We did BBQ pork sandwiches (I did 2 roasts and I still have a lot of leftovers -- we used Costco rolls for the rolls), and my generous friends all brought salads. We also bought a costco cake (seen above).
You know, it was amusing as I watched how our church works. The men all went up and helped confirm him. The women all helped me by bringing salads and being there for us (and holding kids while daddies went up to confirm).
I know that's what heaven is like -- just like that day. Surrounded my family and friends, feeling the spirit of joy and love. It's nice to experience that every now and then.
Roddy took some family photos and hopefully I can get my hands on those and share them with you soon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

El Baptismo

At the tender age of eight, children who are ready are able to get baptized in the LDS church. It's a pretty big stepping stone. At eight you're baptized, at 12 you get the priesthood, at 16 you can date and at 19 you go on your mission. They're all milestones... but as I see this little fellow, that we call Conner grow to be such a great boy. I'm overcome.
This baby that came into our lives just 8 years ago will be baptized tomorrow and firmly planted on the road to a mission, which will happen in JUST ELEVEN YEARS.
It's all good choices, but it does make a mom tear-up.
Amazing that I've given him the tools to make his own decisions now. Now, God feels like he's ready to make them on his own.
This isn't to mean he won't make mistakes, but he's ready to play with the big kids.
Now, it's my turn to let him.
This blog is so random, I'm aware -- just a lot of emotions in my head before our big day. Hopefully I'll have pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I never thought I'd do it.
I am just too upscale.
But... my friend Amie did it and I thought it might encourage me to see those numbers increase (and perhaps show the rest of you what's possible).
I was REALLY glad that you just got to put your goal weight in and not your actual pounds come-up. :) I gained a bit on the trip, but I'm heading back to where I was. I am hoping to have 35 pound loss by the time school starts... which is in a a month.
I did an hour of cardio and weights (actually, I guess it was only 50 minutes because I skipped the ab work since I was still sore from my abs a couple days ago).
It was step aerobics. I've tried that program before and always felt so confused, but today I just affirmed that I was there to work-out and perhaps learn a few new steps, and if I was confused -- I needed to keep moving.
It worked. I'm hoping to do one hour routine each week, and 2 Denise Austin's (which are 1/2 hour). Plus, I'll be eating consciously. The family's flying in today though, and I have to vow eat well -- even when we eat out.

30 days of being under attack

Do any of you watch the show "30 Days"?

I've started DVRing it (did I mention that I have like 9 MILLION hours of DVR to watch since our vacation). The premise of the show is that someone jumps into someone else's life for 30 days. I watched the show last night where an LDS woman went to live with a gay couple and their 3 boys. She was opposed to gays being able to adopt.

I felt so sorry for the woman.

First, I might add that my own views on this are that gay should be able to adopt out of the foster system. I know, it makes no sense -- but to me 2 people who love any child is better than no one loving the child. I'm not sure they could make a law so restrictive -- but it is what it is.
Anyway, her view was that gays and lesbians should not be able to adopt, period.
Regardless, 30 days of living with something you are so ADAMENTLY opposed to must be excruciating. I have gay/lesbian friends whom I adore but I basically block their home life from my mind. And that's fine. To me, they're friends and I love them like I love all my friends (and frankly, I block most of my friends home lives out of my mind anyway). It seemed like at every turn, she was taken to a group of gays/lesbians who were attacking her. They can't agree to disagree, they can't just educate her about how they feel -- they were attacking (esp the biological parents of one of the children the couple was raising -- but that's a whole other bag of chips).

In the end, one of the men from the couple said that if she couldn't agree with him on this, they couldn't be friends. She said that she knew they woudln't agree, but she still wanted them to be friends, and he said no.

And then it came into focus for me. We truly love our friends, those around us -- we love them. We might not love their choices, but we can love the people. If they choose not to love us, because of our choice -- that's their choice. I also think it's so rare any more for someone to take a stand on their beliefs that people take it as an affront. I think we need to be fine to say "I think what your doing is wrong, but I still really like you as a person." I think we need to be OK when someone says that about us "I think that belonging to your church is wrong, but I still really like you as a person." That's their thoughts, those are ours. Moving on...

Anyway, it's an interesting show -- if you ever see it being re-run you might be intersted to watch it.
Here's a couple other blog posts about it in case you're wanting some better idea of what went on:
Weightier Matters
Wow, you can watch it on the internet

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Little Someone I know....

A little somone I know is getting baptized soon.
We made invitations for our friends, they turned out pretty fancy.

I wanted to make a little scrapbook guestbook to go in our regular scrapbook. I coudln't find a lot of that type of guest pages on my regular scrapbook websites, so I thought I'd post it here:

Baptism Guest Book Pages

We are all VERY excited for this special day. If you live in the area and you'd like to come please email me for the specifics (as they were blurred out on the invitation posted here).

A Mormon Question

Hey, to my LDS friends out there -- would you mind emailing me and letting me know when you got your endowments out for the first time (if you got them just before you got married)? One of my old YW is getting married and they're suggesting a week before but I'm wondering if any of you did something different that you'd recommend.
You're welcome to comment -- or email me if you'd rather keep it private. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yellow Squash

We are going to have quite the bounty of Zucchini and squash. We have like 6 plants {sigh}...
So, tonight was my first recipe -- I tried a combo of zucchini and yellow squash. The zucchini tasted great (frankly, as great as Zucchini's gonna taste), but the yellow squash tasted the way a pumpkin smells when you cut into it.
Does that even make sense?
Does all squash taste like that?
My question -- did I pick it at the right time? It was bright yellow with a moderate size. It still had some green-ness with in the skin and the seeds were pretty dang apparent.
Do I scoop the seeds out?
Do I pull up the plant?
Do I cry?
Do I buy new clothes?
Hehe... anyway, I'm in the mood for zucchini recipes. I've seen a LOT where they're trying to hide the zucchini in something like chocolate chip bread -- and while that's appetizing, I think it's kind of avoiding the point that we have all these great vegetables -- we should be eating them as vegetables.
I just saw one where they're using slices of zucchini instead of the pasta in lasagna. That sounded pretty good -- esp. since I can use some ricotta cheese, and there ain't nothin' wrong with that. :) Mmm... maybe with some sausage. I'm seeing happy thoughts already....
But seriously, how am I gonna fix my yellow squash peeps? I want to make it good.
Back to your regularly scheduled vacation update as soon as I am not working and can edit some more photos....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Grand Tetons

I have been brought up knowing that the Tetons was the hidden gem stepsister (or brother) of Yellowstone. SO many people make the drive to Yellowstone and miss this amazing park.

We stayed Colter Bay village. I have always either stayed in Jackson Hole (which is about 45 minutes outside the park) or at Colter Bay. My parents actually foot the bill for the cabins there (thank you!!!!!) and my brother and his family was just minutes away from us as well. It was fun to do things that we'd done SO many times as kids. As a side note, these cabins run somewhere between 99 and 150. They are the basic necessities. There's only showers and the floors are COLD linoleum. However, that's as close as I ever got to camping as a child -- so you've gotta take roughin' it where it comes, right?

We were there for four nights. We spent some good time at Colter Bay. We went out on the lake in a motorboat (I think it was 56 dollars for a 2 hour motorboat rental). This was one of our favorite parts of the whole trip. We're unlikely to be able to rent a motorboat anywhere near us anytime soon so it was an adventure we only get to do in the "wild". Plus, being able to captain your own boat so close to those amazing mountains was something we all cherished (and slowly the kids LOVED going over the larger boats wake on the water -- although they were not thrilled with this part initiall).

Of course, we had wildlife drives, and those were very fun.

We went into Jackson one day (also had to get S new shoes -- since he apparently grew 1.5 sizes while we were on vacation -- oops!). We went to Bubbas (yum -- it's a GREAT BBQ place there, reasonably priced too), and got to see the shoot-out. My kids actually adored it instead of leaping into my lap and hiding from all the gun noise. NOTE: It's not as good as when I was little, there's more singing and dancing and no falling from the rooftops -- but it was fun regardless.

We had some cook-outs as a family, and those went really well. We even took family pictures!

One day we took the boat across from Jenny Lake and went on the hidden falls hike. NOTE: This is not the "easy" hike it pretends to be in the guide. You go up quite an incline, but it's very much worth it (and well shaded on a hot day). My kids LOVED it and of course were running up the mountain with Drew and I huffing and puffing behind. So, hopefully I've inspired all of you to visit both of these national parks. The cost to visit both is only 20$ for an entire week. They also have camping sites if you're willing to haul your stuff up there (which we weren't coming from CA). It is always one of our favorite trips (we're already planning to do it again in 4 years).

The motorboat ride.

This is as good as it gets. :)

Our hike to hidden falls (and yes, Spencer had a sweatshirt on our entire trip!).

Fancy camera photo...

The shootout.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Yellowstone -- the facts

We stayed at the Canyon Lodge in Yellowstone. I've almost always stayed at that one (we went to Yellowstone almost yealy as a kid), and I really enjoy it. It was extra special to bring my kids there (we've stayed in West Yellowstone the year I was pregnant with Spencer).

The weather was GREAT, there was even snow still there! and cold enough mosquitos weren't too much of an issue.

The first day we saw the Canyon, and of course drove around looking for animals. My dad even has a fancy spotting scope, so we were always hanging with the guys on motorcycles hearing "you see that white spot that's next to the brown spot up there -- yeah, that's a goat." It made for thrilling adventures. The boys were extra happy to have their fancy binoculars. We also went to the Fountain Paint Pots which has to be the WORST hike ever. I always forget how I will wish I am dead before I get the 400 yards up the mountain. Luckily, it's short -- and worth the pain.

The second day we went up to Mammoth and we even saw a bear crossing the road! We also went down to the Norris gyser basin. I was excited for my kids to see Echinus gyser, but it turns out it doesn't go off every couple hours like it used to. Darn that mother nature. Spencer and I took the short walk, and Conner and Drew took the longer walk, all of us enjoying ourselves.

The last day we went to see Old Faithful. MAN, that thing sure packs in a crowd, but again it was worth it and the kids LOVED it. Yellowstone is truly a magical place when you're a little boy. I especially love the Old Faithful Inn -- it is a unique building and you should go inside for a peek for SURE.

Now for the budget minded... Yellowstone's not cheap, but it's not crazy expensive. Of course, there's the gas to shuttle yourself places (and look for animals). The rooms that we stayed in were around 150/night, but my brother went a week later and did the cheaper cabins and said they were fine (we wanted to stay by my parents though, and they wanted the nicer ones -- which was fine since we were only staying 2 nights). We ate at the cafeteria both nights we were there and our meals ran under 30 dollars (most of the time we were splitting plates, because they serve awfully big portions -- but you could get a plate for about 10-18 dollars). The ice cream isn't too expensive, they serve large portions and it's super yummy after a long day out on the trails. We did picnic lunches each day and there is usually a picnic table to be found, and park stores to replenish your supplies. Surprisingly I didn't want to die at the prices in the park stores. Yes, they were about 10% higher than the grocery store, but nothing to faint over.

Anyway, it was a HUGE success, I highly recommend it to families.

The bear crossing the road

Old Faithful

How freaking cute is this photo? I was glad I brought my nice camera on this trip!

Yet another adorable photo (we met my parents up in Yellowstone, and my dad played personal tour guide for us -- we felt very priviledged since he's basically a walking Yellowstone fact book).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Other things...

Other things that happened while we were gone include the fact our dishwasher "stalled".
Aka, our dishwasher pump doesn't have the water to get started. We were VERY nervous we'd have to buy a new dishwasher... but I found somewhere on the internet that you should just add a couple of big things of water to it, close the door and start it.
Turns out, that doesn't quite work. We added 2 large pitchers of hot water -- and it didn't work. However, 2 minutes later it made a sound and started working.
Thank goodness for the internet, and I'm just passin' the info along.

In other news I did work today. I am also working tomorrow. Just givin' Drew a taste of the dark side. You will have to wait with deep anticipation for more info on my trip. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

While I was out

While I was gone 2 things happened.

1. Our garden has turned into a jungle. Drew and I went out and made an attempt to recover it... but when live in sunny CA -- and there are days that it hits 106, I guess you get this:

In this picture you'll see (starting on the left bottom): Watermelon, Sunflowers, Cucumers, peppers (almost being suffocated by the pumpkin), roses, zuchini, tomatoes, PUMPKIN (that's the giant vine that's in front of everything -- it's actually planted to the right of the corn), corn. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what ends-up happening. Things seem to have taken off though, and that makes me and my little drip system happy.

2. I gained 5 pounds. It's SO hard to eat consciously when you're amongst friends, and stuffed breadsticks, and BO garlic bread. Anyway -- I'm back on the wagon today. I even worked-out before Drew and I went and did yard work for 2 hours. I find that I have to remind myself that I am NOT a garbage -- and that the food might as well go in that then in me. Regardless of this ugly little recession we're in.

Traveling and the Golden Spike

Yes, a one month trip by car did not sound so appealing, I must admit. As a re-cap for those of you who might not remember my situation, I have 2 boys -- ages 4 and 7 (he turned 8 on our trip), and I have made a personal goal not to have a car DVD player because I want my children to look out the window every now and then, instead of whining at me to put in a movie. I made these ticket books which I must admit were a HUGE hit. I highly recommend them. It took a fair amount of time to figure out what city we would be in when they would hit the ticket -- but that was also a big help, and it had them open their eyes to read signs, etc. We had a few other items that really helped:
  • Along with punching their ticket, they got a new toy every 100 miles. I'd kept my eyes open for small trinkets that they'd find appealing. I found some handheld video games that were under 5 dollars. Some of these I wrapped for extra excitement (just used old newspaper to keep costs down).
  • I went to the family fun website, and printed out some activities for them. They each had a little workbook with a licence plate search and car bingo. Both of those were big hits. I found clipboards at the dollar store, which helped them out too.
  • We often play the letter game (find the letters in order in signs around us, or find things that start with each letter in order around us).
  • Keeping their eyes open. I have found it's a skill for kids to see the things you see -- a plane, a train, an interesting car. Let's just say it's something we're still working on. We did get some cheap binoculars at a garage sale before we left, and those made it more fun (esp. in Yellowstone).

Major issues that we had with our road trip:

  • One of our roads was closed. This made for a MAJOR detour. Let's just say people knew about it and forgot to tell us about it. {big freaking sigh}
  • Drew got a ticket {eh-hem}
  • Our windshield got cracked (at first it was just a rock chip but it cracked further, causing us to replace the entire thing while in Preston).
Let's say that I didn't particularly roll with the punches on these items {gasp}. If there was one thing I'd fix about myself is being able to not stress about these little items. I didn't do well with the cracked windshield, but I did surprsingly well with the ticket (does anyone know if you can do traffic school for a ticket you got in NV if you live in CA?). I didn't budget for issues like this on our trip, and I should have. No, we won't go into financial ruin, but I wish I would've thought about them before hand. As for the rest of the budget, I think we spend just around 600 dollars total on gas (some of the gas in Yellowstone was split between us and my parents -- so if you re-did the trip it'd probably be closer to 650-700). That was obviously cheaper than it would've been to fly (regardless of how many people I had tell me it wouldn't be). I kept to our 50 dollars when staying in a hotel budget, and 20-25 when we weren't. We stayed completely under that and it actually stayed fairly near our normal budget we have at home.

Now to the more exciting part. On day one we traveled from home to Elko. I would like to thank whoever thought-up Dairy Queen, as they truly are a queen in my mind. Let's just say there's not much to bring joy to a gal in Elko -- but the DQ is one of those things (complete with fry sauce). On day two we were going from Elko to Drew's home town of Mink Creek, ID (which is just outside of Preston). Drew had the inspiration that the Golden Spike state park was somewhere near there, and so we took a detour to that. Let's just say that it's not near anything you'd normally go to -- so if you want to go, you'll be going at least an hour out of your way. However, it was pretty interesting. We happened to get there at noon when they run the trains. They're much different than the trains we ride and the kids found it pretty interesting. It also made them realize what life was like before trains. They had some wagons and handcarts set-up there and the kids quickly proclaimed they'd prefer to go on the train than with one of those. I'd agree. We did find out that after traveling 700 miles to see that monument that the actual Golden Spike is at Stanford University -- less than 30 minutes from our house. Go figure.

On the way to the golden spike, you can also see some of the action that happens at Morten Thiakol (I think they changed the name -- but either way, they're the people who make missiles and the rocket boosters for the space shuttle). They have a little museum of their wares for you to peruse.

Finding little places to go is what makes road trips fun. I'm glad we took this little off-shoot from our regularly scheduled programming.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggidy jog...

Ok, I'm going to let all my blog readers in on a big secret. I've been on a TRIP (vacation is when you go without children, and a trip is when you go WITH kids... this was most def. a trip!)!!!!!
I'm talking a month long trip peeps.
Idaho, Yellowstone, Tetons and Utah.
And we're all still alive.
Go me.
Will write more later.
Just a big halla out to my peeps who looked in my garden.
O.M.G. The pumpkin plant may take us all over.
That or my laundry from the last month.
They are both very large.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old Boyfriend Syndrome

I have one old boyfriend. We dated our freshman year, he went on a mission and I gave him the option to stop my wedding, he said "go ahead, get married." So -- I did. I actually saw him at the temple the day I got my endowments out. It was VERY weird.

Anyway, I basically forgot about him, until recently.

He married a very popular LDS singer. I see her stuff everywhere (and by everywhere, I mean in the Seagull Book and Tape ad) and it's just interesting to wonder what his life is like now (and I swear that he made fun of Janice Kapp -- I do an amazing "I Walk By Faith" -- right along with me back in our day).

Then is the dichotomy. I'd love to have him on my facebook -- just to see what he's doing, etc. Or even just a quick email to say that it must be exciting that they're doing so well. But I don't. Held back by my own constraints.

And let's face it -- that's fairly rare.

Anyway, is your old boyfriend anything special now? (I did look him up on the BYU Alumni site -- it looks like he graduated in accounting, so most likely his life is not that exciting....) Do you keep in contact with them? Are you forced to see each other frequently? I am guessing many of you have more than 1, which would complicate things further.

Honestly, though. Sometimes the thought of having to find a new spouse keeps me married. :) You know, every little bit helps. :) Random blog, I know.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

When you sit back...

Sometimes, when I sit back and take my whole life in, I feel so happy.
Today I got to spend my entire day with my family, and extended family.
I felt so blessed to be a part of those people, and enjoy their company.
I have ALWAYS loved my mom's side of our family (I love my dad's too, but we always lived closer to my mom's). I feel that a strong part of who I am comes from each one of them. It's amazing how each personality meshes so well. I enjoy who they've chosen for spouses.
I just can't say enough good things about each of them. I admire them all so much.
AND, when you've had a day like that, well -- it's a good day indeed. It also makes me want to move closer to my family... but that's is another blog entirely (I'm talking a whole OTHER BLOG, not just another entry).
OH, and a very happy eighth birthday to Mr. Conner. More on my big dude later.
I think I'll go bask in my happy glow.


Some of you might remember the post I did about the shirtless "missionary" calendar, and how something about it bothered me (I can't find the post -- can anyone else, I'd like to link to it, but somehow the computer I'm using won't allow me to search my own blog -- dang them).
I saw a little article on MSNBC on it this AM.
Main problem I have, ok -- I have a couple.
1. Don't bring it all mainstream when your Stake President wants to talk to you about something. I mean, who knows if it's the calendar or something else...
2. He's not an active member, and yet he's sold 10,000 of these calendars and prodded these return missionaries to do this, saying nothing's wrong with it.
Anyway -- interesting read. I feel sorry for his stake president.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


The F-LDS church (which, I didn't know -- they didn't even adopt that name til' 1991 -- I think they were called "The Work" before that) is bitter that we are drawing a line between ourselves and them.
They say we're fairly similar, and we shouldn't be saying there are so many differences.
Well, yes -- we all have eyes, noses, lungs, hearts... all those things are EXACTLY THE SAME.
Other than that -- not so much.
Yes, we both believe in what Joseph Smith did and right up til' Brigham Young, we're the same. I'll give them that.
But after that, we're different.
It bothers me that they want to saddle on up to our church.
We've done SO much to integrate into society, to become normal people.
And frankly, from what I've seen of this church -- they haven't. They do everything they can to separate themselves. Their dress, their hair, their locations, how they deal with the public.
Anyway, just sayin' we're different.
And in the immortal words of Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods:
"Nice is different than good."

Food Storage Deals

I shared this site with some of you a while back when I first heard about it. I have no had a chance to research it a little further, and I wanted to give you my full ananlysis.

  • I love how they color-code them (red are the great deals, that you shoudl REALLY stock-up on, and then green, and then blue, etc.). That makes it easy, to see at a glance, which store you might want to research first.
  • I love that they're doing SO much work for you. It takes me about 5-10 minutes/ad to write all my items down look at the ad thoroughly -- however, I also check some grocery deal sites to make sure I haven't missed anything. So, that's a good 25-50 minutes savings/week for you.
  • For those of you just starting out figuring what a great deal is (because just because it's on sale, we all know it's not a great deal), this will totally assist you in that. And, as you come further in your knowledge of what certain stores regular sales are you'll have a better idea for yourself (and perhaps won't want to use the service).
  • They tell you the shelf life, and how much per person you'd want to buy. Heavens knows I've bought WAY too many of things before when it was a great deal. BUT, nothing's a good deal if you end up throwing it away.
  • You can get a 2 week free trial to see if it will work for you (you do have to sign-up with your CC info and all that jazz though -- just FYI).
  • I got a great informative email about price matching at Walmart from her. I am not sure if this is a rare occasion, but it'd be great to get information like that frequently. FYI, she price-matches all of the ads at Walmart (they substitute if they don't have the exact same thing quoted in the ad), she does take the ads with her, along with the printouts from her site. She said she's only been asked to show her ads once. I'd love to go shopping with her. :)
  • They don't do coupon matches. It's obviously more than they can do... I guess. But, it'd be nice, if they could hire someone to do that part.
  • They don't make deals for you. A lot of the best deals I've gotten is when a store has $$ off your next purchase, and combine that with coupons. They aren't gonna do this for you (but there are online sites that can help). I would admit this is where the majority of my deal conspiring comes in. It takes a fair amount of effort to figure out what's on sale and what you need, etc.
  • It is a cost. It's just under 5 dollars for a month. For a little over a dollar a week though, that's MUCH better than any other grocery site I know of.
  • I wish all the stores came-up on one page. I guess it's not a big deal, but I'd like to think in my head "I am running low on beans" -- and just search the PDF file. Obviously, you can pull-up the 2 sheets and do both... I'm just sayin'. :)

In the end, it's not gonna work for my mom. I thought for sure I could convert her to the ways of a deal guru, but she said no (she's the type that wants what she wants when she wants it and she's gonna buy it then). However if I moved here (which I am not) I would totally subscribe. At least for a few months until I got into a rhythm of my own. Great site Food Storage Deals! I think it's a great help to a lot of families out there!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

To Bikini or not to Bikini

Yesterday, my sister in law and I were having a pretty serious conversation about bikinis... you know, as serious as bikini talk can get. I have recently had a view of a Utah County pool... and let me say that it did not differ in any way from my local pool. In fact, I think there may have been MORE bikinis (and I'm talking about a regular pool day -- I think when we have moms day at the pool from with my Mormon friends no one has a bikini... not that I remember anyway)?

First off, many many women would NEVER wear a bikini after having a baby, and that's the honest truth, modesty out the window. Hence, the tankini is a great option (and the one I have chosen for myself). Hence, most of my non-LDS friends don't wear bikinis.

But, from the instant I realized I could wear a suit my mom said no bikinis and I am fairly sure it was the same for all my friends. I am fairly sure it states in the Strength of the Youth not to share that particular parts of our body with the general public? Let me see.... yes -- it does say that our clothing should cover our stomach (and for the record -- girls dresses should cover their shoulders, interesting... it's been a while since I've read this).

Have the rules changed? Is it suddenly OK for LDS women to flaunt their fine abs?

Don't get me wrong, I'm jealous. Except for at some of you -- some of you should tuck that flab back in and put on a cover-up.

And if you think I'm talking to you, I most likely am not.

BTW, my swimsuit is a size too large and I am on the lookout for a new one. It needs to have skirt to cover-up my thunder-thighs (which are a size smaller than they were before, but are thunderous regardless)... I am hoping to get a good deal on one at the end of year clearance-type events.... recommendations?

Of course, this brings me to the monstrous fact that when you live in the "mission field" you have stricter standards than you do in happy valley. There's a distinction between what I choose to do and what my friends of other faiths choose to do, and while we're neighbors and I love them, there are differences. I'm not sure that's so true here in the valley of happiness....

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Little Education on your Bling

I've been married for almost 11 years now, and the ring has actually been on my finger for MORE than 11 years (the diamond part). The prongs do shift around, and I finally got around to taking it to a jewler this week. I told them that I needed the prong bent back and the guy looked at my ring and said "wow, you're lucky your diamond's still in there, your need this re-tipped."
Now, he could very well be ripping me off-- but I had NO idea that rings had to have their crowns replaced at any point in their lives. I mean, I figured when you BOUGHT the ring you were good forever.
Apparently that ain't so. So, since many of my friends have been married for a similar time period, I thought I'd share my new-found knowledge.
I do feel naked without my ring on though.
I wish I were naked as hot as it is as of late though. :) I'm sure most of the rest of you are fine with my clothed bod though.


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