Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Fall Line-Up

Who is SO happy to have their shows back on, with new episodes? OMG, I've just been dying with just reality TV keeping me alive? I'll give you a rundown of some of my favorites so far:

ER Mock if you will, I have been a die-hard ER fan, and I even knew the show totally sucked the past few seasons, but thanks to my DVR I've still watched, and enjoyed it. I am SO excited for this season, practically giddy. The season opener had me BAWLING though. I NEVER cry at TV Shows -- and especially not the ugly cry kind of way that I reserve for times of true tragedy. I won't go into detail in case some of you have this on your DVR -- but let's just say something bad happened in the ER. Frankly, I can't imagine anything worse than having the life of your friend in your very own hands. Bawled. It was ugly (but somehow refreshing). Anyone else watch this show still?

Desperate Housewives Again, think I'm a bad TV ho -- but I love this show too. I really enjoyed last night's episode. Last season got a little out there, and there were SO many problems it was hard to stay up with everyone. I was worried they were gonna jump the shark. I think they're getting back to the real problems that us real desperate housewives have. At least a little closer.

The Office Love that the temp is back, hate that Pam is at college, not in love with the new girl and her relationship with the boss. I'm kinda iffy on the season opener. BUT, I still love this show. It is consistently clean and funny. No one can mock me for loving this show -- perhaps that's why I like it so.

House WAH --that guy (name lapse) can NOT be leaving. I'm not sure how that will all spin out. I miss him already and I don't like the private eye guy. I heard something that he and the chief are going to get involved. That's grossing me out. I love this show though. I love the mystery of trying to figure it out, as he does things to patients I wish I could say/do. Also, if I was a nurse at his hospital I'm pretty sure I would've stabbed him by now.

Ugly Betty Again, this one was going a little "out there" last year. I enjoyed the season opener. I hope it continues getting better. I also hope his tranny-sister gets what she so richly deserves.

I'm also excited for Chuck and moderately excited for Brothers and Sisters (which, at the time of this press I hadn't watched either yet). I watched one pushing Daisies last year and I really liked it, I am hoping my DVR schedule allows for taping it this year. I'm pretty sure I've missed a few things. Oh, my mom got me hooked on Bones over the summer, not sure when that's coming back new... What are you guys excited for?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Being Creative

Who went to Women's Conference? {church thing}
One of our General Authorities gave a talk on being creative.
That being creative is making something that has never before existed.
SO many women beat them selves up for not being creative. Personally, I think I'm very creative but not particularly crafty in the Mormon way. I'm not a table cloth or centerpiece gal. I don't tole paint and I don't sew unless it involves Halloween... or I suppose cheap baby presents.
But he pointed out that as a mom you create SO many things. Besides the fact you created their bodies (if they are your biological children). I love how he pointed out that family memories, times of laughter, family home evenings, good feelings -- are all being creative.
It was definately a pat on the back and a reminder that we need to keep creating.
Do you think the Mormon femi-nazis will find something wrong with this talk?
We'll just have to wait and see, I suppose. Until then I'm going to keep creating. :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Primary program

Today was our church primary program. It's only once a year, I wish it was every week -- except for the fact that the primary presidency would surely quit, and ours does an amazing job. It's where children under the age of 12 get up and share their thoughts on the gospel, sing and otherwise take-up a regularly boring hour.
Especially now that I have kids in primary and this year was the favorite year of all because I had a sunbeam. That's right -- they have even the 3 year olds get up. There's dresses over the head, there's pushing there's love, it's just so freakin' spiritual I can hardly stand it.

Spencer was amazing. He sings with such earnest it gives everyone a smile. Normally he sing with a large amount of gusto. I wasn't quite as large as normal but it was super fab. regardless. My favorite things were 2 fold. He told me he got really, REALLY nervous when it was his chance to give his part -- and his teacher told him to just take a deep breath "and that really helped." The kid's so funny. He also decided to just hum the last two songs. No idea if that is what they wanted, but he was the only one humming -- sometimes you've just gotta hum.

Conner was also amazing, but in a more mature amazing way. He said his part without assistance (which you should be able to do when you're 8). He also sang a 2 line solo in one of the songs. He was perfectly on pitch and he didn't even dog out. Personally when I had a solo in primary we all got the giggles and I think the primary presidency wanted to beat us with belts. Not so for Mr Conner. Every one says it's "in his genes". I choose not to provide that kind of extra pressure -- I'm just super proud he did it.

He takes after his grandpa as far as compliments goes. Mostly he glares at people and walks the other way. I could tell he was happy that people said things to him.

All in all a delightful experience. I wish you were all there. At no time can you feel God's love more for His children. God loves little children more than we can imagine, of that each time I am so sure. To know that it is our job to lead and guide these little children of God. It's overwhelming. Power to the little peeps.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

You know what's super fun?

Working til' midnight.
Getting up at 7 am so you can haul your kids to oldest's soccer game (becuase of course, your husband has a parade to be at).
Sit there, and stare into the sun.
Take-off and go to the grocery store with 2 said children.
It's just so fun.
I can hardly speak.
I can yell. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gettin' the Monk Down

Did you ever see the Monk episode where he went on drugs and he kept sayin' "you're gettin' the Monk down."

Well, they're gettin' the Hilly down.

I'm not a super big fan of certain parts of the management of my work. As a whole I love my job. Our patients are great (a step up from my other hospital -- in most cases), my coworkers are amazing and I enjoy that I'm helping people as well as making money. After almost 4 years there I feel a real bond with many of the nurses, and I'm very happy about that.

Yesterday I got my evaluation. It was less than stellar.

I was shocked.

Mostly I was shocked by what wasn't stellar about it. I mean, there are plenty of things I could work on -- but the things she mentioned, I think she was totally off base.

And I have a complex where I want everyone to like me, and the fact that she said these things about me is killing me. Thankfully, after the evaulation (by someone who's seen me work about two times) I talked with some very honest co-workers (who I have worked with the whole 4 yeras) who also felt like what she said was also entirely off base.

But here's the real issue. I work about 8 hours a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
I am with my kids about 9 million hours a week (give or take 8.5 million), doing the whole family thing. With them, there are real issues (Conner has this whole not following through on stuff thing as of late that I am HATING) that it's entirely my job to resolve. I am the manager, the worker, the co-worker, the director and the CEO (I mean, Drew has a few jobs somewhere in there -- but I think we all know where I'm coming from there).

And yet, I'm letting someone who says something that I know in my heart to be untrue get me down.

And so I pray. I pray that I can not let it affect my life, that I won't let it affect my ability to be a good nurse. I am so thankful for a Father in Heaven who understands how very unforgiving I can be on certain issues and helps me with those.

How do you get over stuff like this?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Suze Orman on Oprah

While I know that most everyone with a Y chromosome HATES Suze Orman, and I find her mildly annoying at times as well, I find the facts she hears from people on Oprah just AMAZING. The amounts of debt, and how they're living. I'm always shocked by it.

Yesterday I found a nugget of truth amongst Suze's ramblings. She said that this whole thing is caused by lying. I think that's totally true. People lying to themselves that they could afford things. Banks lying about their earnings. I think people need to learn the truth, and then we will be able to move forward. I remember when we first bought this house, our loan guy was saying "but you guys can afford more!" In reality we coudln't. It's still a stretch to make this payment, but its people who bought information like that who are now in trouble! It's the banks faults, but I don't think we leave those people blameless either.

The other thing I found interesting was when they were with the people in the camper. They were a couple who had both worked in the tech industry and had decided to retire early, buy a camper and enjoy themselves. They were worried that with the current market issues that they wouldn't be able to stay retired. Suze was happy to say that they would be able to continue in their retirement RV status because of how well they had planned. Then, she said that she thought their camper was always perfectly organized. That you could tell a lot about a family by their organization. Then, Oprah went and opened all their stuff, and everything was well organized and in place. Suze said those in debt might have their house clean for your visit, but most likely if you open the cupboards things are all jumbled.

So, what do you guys think about that? I must admit that we only have this ginormously large cottage that drags us into the depths of debt, and other than that we are debt free and I don't think we'll go into my organizational OCD. What about you? Do you think there really is a correlation?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Little Known Fact

I know -- you all think I was born and bread in Utah -- never leaving the shadow of the temple or the MTC, but how wrong you are. When I was 2 we moved to Williamsburg, VA where my dad taught at William and Mary and when I was 3 we again did a semester abroad in Princeton, NJ (where my dad taught at Princeton). I don't remember a single thing, except for perhaps our bunk beds in New Jersey. But I digress. As I watched the today show today I realized what a great life that my parents must've though we were having. Living history, always going to historical sites, daily in fact. My mom said we had a bus pass in Williamsburg and every day we would explore more of what there was to see and do, me in my little umbrella stroller. In fact, I doubt any of you can name a historical site on the east coast that I have not been to. I might not remember it.... but i was there. :) Most likely there's a slide of it somewhere.

There are NINE MILLION pictures of me in my little colonial cap (the puffy ones -- like what Laura Ingalls wore to bed), and my brother in his 3 cornered hat, clad in a bath towel as his cape and we were crossing the Delaware as Martha and George in my mother's washbasket.

So, what became of this? Well, my brother received a PhD in political science from Stanford and now teaches at BYU. He loves history, he can quote facts like a ticker tape and he was the most amazing student my AP History teacher ever had.

And then there's me. I hate history. I don't have the memorization gene that my father and brother have (NEVER, EVER play trivial pursuit with either one, it's just embarrassing), my AP History teacher wondered what had happened, perhaps I was adopted when I took her class. To me history is a lot of dead people, who made a fair number of mistakes and while I think we can learn something from it -- do we REALLY need to know ALL the details of battles, etc? Every once and a while something from the arts will perk my interest, but that's about where it dies. I did take humanities history of the civilization while I was at BYU and I actually really liked that. But again, I find it mostly to be useless knowledge (which is pretty well forgotten at this point).

How does the apple far SO far from the tree? You'd think, with that upbringing I'd stand enraptured by our forefathers, but I'd rather have seen a cadaver than a history book.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure where this blog is going -- other than that genetics are funny things. It's always interesting to see how brothers and sisters turn out. So rarely are they all in the same field with similar interests. It's nice how we can all bring something to the table (even if I'm not allowed to talk about my work at my family's table -- even though my father and brother can drone on and ON about whatever was on Meet the Press that last weekend).


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Wonder of a Good Dinner

Tonight I was thinking I'd make fish sticks and potatoes. It's a soccer night and I wanted something quick -- but then {dramatic music} I opened my fridge. And found 2 cartons of mushrooms staring at me from the weekend sale. And it CAME to me -- Teriyaki Pineapple Kabobs. I can't find the recipe now, but it's basically a teriyaki sauce the with the addition of the juice from a pineapple can. The steak (cut-up tri-tip roast that I got on the cheap -- but any steak will work -- since you're marinating in small pieces you don't need a really great, or expensive cut), mushrooms, peppers, onions and the canned pineapple go on skewers and get grilled (oh yeah, you put some butter on the whole thing before you grill it -- YUM-O!). I'm gonna make some garlic bread to go with it.

So now, instead of a nasty fish stick day -- it's a kabob day. And suddenly everything's brighter. They are def. one of Drew and my favorite recipes. In fact, I love all kabobs. I saw that trip tip roasts are on sale again this week at Savemart -- so I'm excited to get some more meat. There is something so much more exciting about a grilled onion than a regular one.

Whats the recipe that perks up your life? Share it on your blog. Readers want to know.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why I do What I do

So, I've been down on my job lately. But today I read this article on MSNBC:
The chance of dying in pregnancy/childbirth in an industrialized nation is 1 in 8,000.
The chance of dying in an unindustrialized nation is 1 in 76.
AND, the chance of dying in pregnancy/childbirth in Niger is one in seven.
Someday I'd like to go make a difference in statistics like this. Completely uncessary.

Blah, blah, blog

Absolutely nothing to say today.
Not particularly loving my job as of late -- just some ugly days.
Drew took Conner to school today, I almost busted with the excitement -- SO nice not to have to make that drive. It happens two or 3 times/year.
Wondering if my cold will ever go away.
Wondering who on earth Spencer is talking to in his room right now.
I'm enjoying the cooling "fall" (as we have seasons here) temperatures.
Considering a nap here at 8:21 am.
Uh huh -- I bet you're glad you clicked on THIS blog today. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deals for the Week

This week most of my stuff seems to be at Safeway with a coupon. I'll be going on Saturday (even though I HATE Saturday shopping, dang you Safeway). Things I will be getting:

The giant sub sandwich for 5 bucks (totally big enough for our whole family)
Gala apples 77 cents
Oreos $1.88
Oscar Meyer Deli Shaved Lunchmeat 3/7 (there are blinkie coupons out there for 55 cents off one)
Foster Farm Breaded Chicken 2/$9 (I have peelie coupons for these too -- check your stores)
Mushrooms (I'm thinking these are the small blue packages) 69 cents/each
Hot pockets 4/6 (I haven't had these in FOREVER, but I am in need of some quick meal items -- are these even any good?)

Progresso Soup 3/3
Shrimp 4.99 (craving shrimp lately -- this isn't an amazing price).

**All of these items listed above require a super coupon -- so make sure you get them from customer service or wherever your store keeps them -- some are from the Sunday ad, and some are from the regular weekly ad. FYI.

Combining the super coupons with regular coupons is going to lead to some pretty decent savings for us.

Helping the Helpless

Yesterday was just the WORST. My kids don't play sick well. Sure, they're hacking up a lung but when that's over with they are running around swinging light sabres at each other. It's completely annoying.
So, yesterday I put a little schedule allowing for a little playtime but mostly rest time for them during the day (I try and make it so when Conner is home sick he doesn't really enjoy it, he gets a bit of TV but most of it is alloted to the job of getting better -- aka, no computer {gasp}). I had planned a 2 hour nap/reading time in the afternoon -- and I took it literally I was out COLD. They, however, were not. I remember being awake, but like unable to move and them running around my bed and me wanting to just sit up and freak out on them.
Everyone though I sounded horrible yesterday, but I must admit it wasn't from the cold, it was from yelling.
So, what was so different yesterday than a regular day you might wonder? My effort. I honestly could not pull myself off the bed to put them in time out -- I coudln't do it. So I yelled. And boy, did I yell. I was SO tired of me being sick, and them being faux-sick that it was just over.
Anyway, I am vowing to be a regular person today, and Conner is back to school. I do feel much better and I even worked out this morning so that should help me feel a little more peppy. {yawn}
We'll just have to see, I suppose. But I'm back to doing stuff to my kids instead of screaming idle threats --it seems to work so much better.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It looked like SO much fun

My kids both decided to join me today. That's right, there's 3 sickies home today and Drew skipped off with an added spring in his step -- at least knowing that whatever he was stepping into at school wouldn't be as bad as he's leaving behind.

Last night's FHE was on prayer, and I think I'll be saying many today.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I am being punished for doing it

My eyes are currently floating on a fine layer of phlegm. I am going through my massive stockpile of tissues like they were fiber one bars.

And still, the project of mothering continues.
And continues...
and goes on...
and on...
and on...

Props to Drew who let me stay in bed ALL day yesterday, besides a short trip to Kaiser for a strep test (totally negative). He's basically the best.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We did it, we did it we DID IT!!!! (ala Dora)

I feel like dancing around with boots on top of the silvery mountains, or wherever it is that Dora goes. Let's just say we passed the nasty woman with the giant dog, we went around the neighbors that wouldn't answer and we DID IT!!!!

We did our door knocking. Well, we did some of it. And really, just getting out there was the first big issue. And, {drumroll} it wasn't bad.

The only one we had an issue with was a woman who said "that's my business, not yours" -- and I just said "thanksforyourtime" and walked away. And really, that wasn't so bad. No one called me a gay basher and shockingly, every single person (except for her) we talked to on our street agreed with us. They will all be voting yes on proposition eight. Now, here's the real problem. I can't even remember if I'm voting yes or voting no on this prop because it's so confusing. I appreciate that we're voting YES we support traditional marriage, but in my head I'm always thinking "yes, I'm for gay marriage" -- which isn't how it goes at all. And those who are saying "no" are saying "NO, we are not for traditional marriage". Just a reminder.

So, I just decided we were mostly there to remind people to read it carefully when they vote and most people were overwhelmingly for traditional marriage. We even had 2 families willing to put signs in their yard.

They aren't planning on winning our area -- because we have a large homosexual bias (shocking, but true) but we're hoping to like 40 percent and then the more rural and southern areas to help carry it.

After yesterday, I think we actually have a chance.

We do not, however, have a chance with our children and dogs. As soon as they heard ANY barking (even if it was from the house next door) they'd run like ladies to the sidewalk (taking our informational brochures with them). Seriously. I finally had to ask Conner which he was more afraid of -- not doing what President Monson has asked us to do - or dogs.

I didn't hear him say it -- but I'm pretty sure he whispered dogs.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Safeway Deals Today (and Sunday)

Ok, so Safeway has a 5 off 5 promotion going, and I've spent the week looking for good deals to go along with that. Let me share what I bought today. I'm gonna break it up to make it a little easier to see -- but I did it all in one transaction (shocking, but true)

5 Five pound Gold Medal Flours (2/5 this week)=12.50
Minus 5$ off 5 items promotion total: $7.50 (1.50 per bag -- which is as good as I've seen it for a while)

5 Old El Paso Taco Shells (1.79 each this week) = 8.95
Minus 5$ off 5 promtion = 3.95 (79 cents/box of taco shells).
PLUS these had free taco seasonings on them when you bought 2 -- so I got 3 free taco seasonings -- my store didn't have Old El Paso, but they were willing to substitute another brand -- I only saved 1.01 off the price of the taco seasoning -- but that was worth it. You'll see I ended-up buying 6 boxes of the taco shells
Also I have seen Old El Paso coupons to print but for some reason my computer won't let me. I think it hates deals. :) There were also some in inserts, etc.

1 Old El Paso Taco Shells 1.79
2 Pillsbury Crescent rolls 2/6
2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls 2/6
Total: 13.79
4 1$ off pillsbury coupons (you can get them at http://www.pillsbury.com/)
5$ off 5 poromotion
Grand total: 4.79 (that makes the pillsbury items only 1 dollar)

Other deals of note:
Raspberries 99 cents (limit 2)
DiGiorno Pizza 3.88 (limit 2) -- I had a coupon from somewhere for 1$ off
Refreshe Water 24 pack 2.88 (plus CRV)

My pre-savings total was 92.69
After coupons and other promotions it was 38.01
Savings of 59% (it's not amazing -- but they're great deals -- I'm actually kind of surprised it's not more -- but I did also a couple of things we were in "need" off)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Mag Awards

I've been filtering out my magazine subscriptions lately and I thought Id' share my two favorites with my blog readers.
Favorite "Mom" Magazine: Wondertime
This is made by the same people that make Family Fun. However, I just can't seem to LOVE family fun -- but I love this one. It's much more realistic. It gives actual parenting advice (last night I read a really great article on Lice, they've also had them on behavior issues, things at school -- all sorts of great advice). Somehow family fun makes me feel a tiny bit guilty. I'm not going to throw amazing birthday parties and I don't make a new game every week for my kids to do. But, I can always use advice from experts (with a little bit of how to make your life more fun thrown in too). I also saw this post on slickdeals this AM -- and you can get this magazine for less than 4 dollars for a whole year. I totally recommend.

Favorite "Kids" Magazine series: The Cricket Series
I have really liked highlights, and I'd recommend it if you haven't gotten a year of it already. But I like to have variety (I also save the magazines for years, because the kids still enjoy them). So I tried Ladybug for Spencer and Spider for Conner. They have really enjoyed it. It is leveled to the right ages, it's informational and fun. They are kind of expensive. But I think magazines are a great gift, and the kids LOVE having them come every month to our house. I recently moved Conner up to "Ask" and I think I'll move Spencer up to "Click" when his birthday comes (the subscriptions are flexible, so if you think you're ready for something new you can just change it to the next level -- or decrease it if it's too hard).

Save the Family

I'm not big on posting videos on the old blog -- esp. ones that are passed on by friends -- but this one inspired me. I am vowing to go do my door knocking this weekend, and this video seemed to put it all into focus.
Fathers and mothers bring different things to a family. They teach the children different things, and they provide them unique things that the other can not.
THIS is why vote yes on Proposition eight -- give each child the chance to have those two people in their lives. That's the main foundation of a family and that's the way it should stay.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Born for this Day

In my head he's "ready" -- but then as we're driving to school this AM. IS HE READY?

True, Spencer will have no difficulty with many of the skills. Holding a pencil, writing his name, he's a little iffy on scissor skills (thanks to an older brother who cut our curtains), but I'm guessing some of the kids hold them wrong much of the time as well. You can only imagine how excited he is. ALWAYS longing to do what Conner does, Conner having gone to this same preschool. This. Is. Huge. He went in without a look back, except for the fact that his nametag was pinching his snake and I needed to move it. Sorry dude.

Perhaps I'm not ready. Perhaps I'm not ready to move on, to be a big mommy who does stuff alone for a whopping hour and forty minutes two times a week.

But, as I cleaned out the toys -- able to throw away whatever I wanted without nary a complaint. I realized I was ready. I've been waiting for this for quite some time, and I should treasure it just as much as I do the time when he's here -- incessantly talking to me. Good luck to the teachers. May they be paid sufficiently. ;)

In other news, this is Spencer's FIRST new outfit. it was the first time he tried on clothes (he had some awesome poses for the mirror), he was able to make his own choice on what items and colors to buy. It was literally amazing to watch him be SO excited for something that Conner has always drug his feet through. This isn't to say that he'll always be getting new outfits, but I believe that new clothes and the first day of school go hand in hand. Don't worry -- he'll be wearing hand me downs next time. But for now, he is in LOVE with this outfit (and the new Elmo underwear he is sporting beneath it all).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Total Geekdom

I have about 9 million cooking magazines -- give or take 8.75 million. :)

However, I can NEVER find the recipe I want -- I end up spending so much time looking for the recipe I want -- it's just outrageous, so I decided to make an excel file of all of my favorites.

I went about doing it by looking online and found this link that shows an index for Martha Stewart's everyday food magazines. I downloaded it (link's just down the page), then deleted all her stuff, and added my own (keeping the nice formatting at the top). If you click on mine you'll notice I have a LOT of categories (those are the ones in purple) so that if I'm in the mood, I can sort them that way and it will be a "voila" moment.

I also found-out I can hyperlink recipes that I find online and put them in as well (then, when I click on them, the recipe -- as long as it's still online -- will just come up -- HELLO, that's so genius!). I also made columns for recipes that take a while to cook (and could easily be done on time bake on those nights where I need to), and one for ones that I'd like to try.

Anyway, I hope it's as exciting as it all sounds. It has a lot to live up to at this point.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's Coming...

We knew it would come.
As sure as the sun.
Stalking us.
Breathing down our necks.
That's right, band.
At our school the 3rd graders are able to choose an instrument and start band. While I'm not sure I'm totally on board with starting a wind instrument in 3rd grade it's not as if I can deprive my child of the opporunity he's been lusting after since he was one.
One other hurdle, our school has decided to do band at 7:30 am. Does this seem freakishly early to anyone else? While it is totally doable for us at this point -- I have serious concerns about how it will work next year when I also have a Kindergartener who starts an hour later {sigh}. But I chose to email our pricipal on that issue -- hopefully they can find another time before next year. :)
So, here it comes -- the choice in instrument, figuring out if we'll rent or buy. It's all so very exciting. I think he is currently leaning towards the trumpet, although they're having an assembly sometime this week and hopefully he'll solidify at that point. He really wants to play trombone, but we've ruled that out til' he gets longer and stronger arms.
Mostly I'm just happy that there aren't any elementary school band boosters. :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Saturday is a soccer day

Soccer season is here, and I'm even snack mom this morning! LUCKY ME!!!! Luckily, I am going to get a sweet deal on grapes and granola bars in a few minutes at Safeway.

It's so funny to commiserate with other moms about soccer season. I have only one little soccer player and I am on the verge of 2 next year (let's face it, Spencer would love to play this year -- but I just can't do it). The practices, the games. The heat. :)

I won't lie. I often compare how great taking theater at school would be compared to soccer with Conner. Of course, the advantage of theater is that I don't have to take him anywhere -- he walks over to the cafeteria at the end of school (who-hoo!). However, as I look around, you rarely see a fat kid playing soccer. I'm not saying they're all over in theater, but I do know that the endless exertions of energy can only be a good thing for him.

Except that our game is in the afternoon today... and it's gonna be hot. REALLY hot. Well, hot for our area (the rest of you can feel free to roll your eyes at my 90 degrees). So, I'm gonna go find my pom poms and get ready to cheer, cheer, CHEER!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

They just aren't in the running...

OMG, just watched the first America's Next Top Model for the season...
Mormon girl -- they said she needs therapy.
Transgendered girl -- they applauded her willingness to step out of the box.
Guess who's out of the box lately?
Might be I'm tired from work -- but I'm not sure I'm still in the running to watch this show...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mr and Mrs.

I have joked I no longer need a daughter after I married off Joanna. She was SO happy that day, and there was plenty around her not to be overjoyed with -- but she let it float by her. So happy for the both of them. So glad to have been there on their special day. Also met their cool photographer Meghan MacAskill. She was pretty dang cool.

Also trying to post some SLR pictures once a week. I need to take more, and enjoy it more. With lightroom the editing process is SO fast, but it does take time to import and export. Anyway, once a week is my goal. BTW, I am talking with friends telling them NOT to get a SLR. Do you have a SLR? Do you love it? I must admit mine only comes out for "portraits" -- usually when it's spur of the moment or something at school I just take my tiny Cannon. I honestly don't recommend SLR's -- yes, they're amazing if you want to spend a LOT of time editing, and learning your camera, but if not -- enjoy a good tiny camera with a great optical zoom. That's my two cents for the day. :)


I'm torn who to vote for. I really thought their veep picks would solidify things for me. Perhaps they have -- but perhaps they haven't. I think Joe Biden was a loser of a choice. For someone who wants change, he picked someone who's as much a part of Washington Politics as the Lincoln memorial.
On the surface I love Sarah Palin. I've always thought a mother could come into DC and thoroughly clean stuff up. However, I'd always pictured someone who was through at least the elementary years. with her kids. With the news of her daughter's pregnancy I see a mom who can't do 2 things perfectly, just like the rest of us. Would her daughter have gotten pregnant if she was home more?
Who knows? I do know that you can't mother and work as well as you could do either one alone. Period. I've done both, and I know how it effects a person. But, then comes the question -- do I think what she could add to this country might be worth the sacrifice she is going to have to make. Perhaps.
I will have to see as we go into the coming debates. What are your thoughts? Do you love her? Do you hate me for questioning her?

Monday, September 01, 2008

Dawn is Broken

FINALLY finished the book.
Just seemed like it took FOREVER to finish. I swear the last few chapters were just painful for me.
But, it's over and I would only recommend it to people who really just want to know how the series ends. For the rest of you -- go try the other Bolyen sister. :)


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