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Did two scrapbook pages this fine am. I’m not going to post them, one of them I’d have to blur out stuff — but you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

We have afternoon church… and now that I don’t have too little of littles (and newborns are too messed up to be particularly effected by afternoon church) and because I found a good way to use our time before church I’m a big fan. I am also hoping to use an hour of it to scrapbook every week. If I could even do two pages every week I know I’d be pretty on top of it all.

I think I went into detail about our afternoon regime on one of my blogs. Let me find it. It’s here (last paragraph of that entry). Mostly I just got tired of all being lazy on Sunday mornings. I mean, one of the MAJOR benefits to afternoon church is the ability to be lazy, don’t get me wrong — but when you’re not getting up til’ 10 I think you’re just missing out. SO, we plan to be up at 8:30 (which is still 2.5 hours later than I usually get up), have some family scripture study (we read the cartoon scriptures on Sunday AM’s — mostly because it helps us to stay up to date what we might be studying in Sunday School that day). Then, a BIG ol‘ breakfast, a family game, the kids get dressed for church, and then it’s about an hour or so of quiet time (this is when I scrapbook and then get ready for church), a snack/lunch and then off for the meeting block (Drew leaves an hour before us thanks to choir). When we get home it will be a regular dinner (I have yet to get into giant dinner mode for Sundays… just don’t have it in me) and then popcorn and a movie (a short one) before bed. I want it to be a day of rest, a day of family, and after last week’s lesson, a day of preparation to take the sacrament.

Everyone around here is very excited to find out who their new teacher is all the joy that comes with changes. Spencer’s no longer a sunbeam, and I’ll have to mourn that on my own time. WHY oh WHY did they take away stars? I’d really like him to shine for the whole world to see.

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    Not only is Spencer not a Sunbeam…Conner is a Valiant now. Sad. Or happy. Both. At least, that’s how I felt about Bria’s big Valiant change.

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    Yea for you! Your previous musings about scrapping got me in the mood and I churned out a couple layouts this weekend, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Ashton moved out of Sunbeams yesterday, too…so weird to see that little guy moving up in the world. I’m with you on Stars….

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