Well, again, instead of laying on the couch I figured out what I needed as far as cans.
I re-did my google document, it’s awfully pretty now.
You’ll see that I adjusted some of the #’s of cans I wanted. I forget that sometimes they need to go in groups of 4, or 3 or whatever, depending on the can size and space available.
I also highlighted our needs (and color coded, thanks so much) and found-out what we have WAY too much of. Those are things I will try and use up in the coming weeks.
Here’s the newer version:

footer 922 copy
pinterest copy


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    I love it when someone is into the same things that I am. My friend is teaching me how to “coupon” and one of my big issues is that I’m not really sure what a good deal is. I like your table. I think I might steal it.

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    Wow! Very nice! Are your amounts based on a menu or are they just pretty good estimates based on what you know you cook? That’s the hardest part for me is knowing how much I need. That’s why I have to use a menu to determine it. WAY TO GO!!

    oh, i re-invited you to our blog…