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This morning I woke-up at 5 am. I did it yesterday too (I always wake-up before my alarm on the days I work, and then I didn’t end-up working…) it’s buggin‘ me as of late.
But instead of going back to sleep, I decided to sit around and stew about my life. Want to hear my brain thoughts of the am? I knew you did.

1. My sewing machine. Still not back, still no calls. I’m totally freaking out about it. I can’t think about it without some serious panic — so this morning I decided to explore the whys. All in all it comes down to the fact that I hate change. It’s not a mild dislike, it’s truly a hate. I know this machine, I know how it works and I have a cabinet that fits it. Most likely, my cabinet will not fit another machine (seriously, how annoying is that?). I still have hope that it can be fixed, but I’ve made some realizations about what I can do if it doesn’t get fixed. Sheesh, you’d think I was a seamstress for a living. Nope, just a paranoid pregnant woman. Please continue to pray for my fix-it man. I’m sure there’s a way to fix it. Just sure of it….

2. Comments on my blog. My friend Lara has like nine MILLION comments on her blog, well, maybe 20. I’d love to have that many, frankly I’d like about 5 or so… just know what people are thinking. Then, I realized I’ve become a lax commenter myself. I read your blogs, but I don’t comment, so why should you? Well, you’ll notice a whole other bag of chips now, I think it’s only fair if you’re reading. As if it takes a long time to comment anyway, and I can always practice my typing skills with all the word verification.

3. RS lesson for today. I went ahead and read that. I’m trying to be better about reading through the lessons that will be presented on Sundays. Today’s is about leadership. I really enjoyed it, because it’s how you have to be as a mother. I went to a LOT of leadership training back in my band days, and I have come to realize that no one is more of a leader than a mom. They watch your every move, and it’s all up to you. {sigh} How’s that for pressure? I hope we have some good conversations in Relief Society.

4. I actually thumbed through the newest Creating Keepsakes (which I got before I cancelled my subscription). It drove me insane. So much time, so many pages with hardly any journaling. The main reason I’m gettin‘ back in the scrap game is to journal, say what’s really happening in our lives and put it with photos. Of course, I’ve always been a big journaler on my pages… but I was obviously in a mood to be bothered by SOMETHING this AM. :)

I also chose to hear every noise that happened from 5 am til’ around 6:30 when I heard waking children noises and wondered if they were burglers, or rats. Which is worse? You be the judge.

P.S. time to take the holiday decor down. Honestly, I haven’t installed hardly any brushes on our new computer, so designing in PSP has been pretty ugly — I got a BUNCH this am, and it makes me far too happy.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    1. I am really exerting a lot of hope for your sewing machine. Because I would hate it if I were in the same predicament. I just see dollar signs shelled out when I have something like that happens, and I HATE it.

    2. I feel like i have too many blogs to read and now I have to keep it up and keep commenting if I want comments. I am not sure if I do, honestly.

    3. Somehow I missed that entire lesson. We were on the next one today. I will have to go read it.

    4. Bah, humbug to scrapbooking without journaling.

    And thank you for also contemplating my life. I am inclined to agree with you, but you may have to convince my husband. :)

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