Feathering the Nest

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This has been a really great break. I have felt pretty good, my parents were here and we’ve had a nice time just being at home.

One of the super perks is that I’m feeling good enough to clean out this house (actually, cleaning is kept to a minimum — it’s mostly just organizing, and throwing/giving away). We have to clean out more than your average family since our house is less than 1200 square feet. Mostly I just wanted to go through EVERY. THING. Make sure it’s all stuff we want, use and need. My husband has been less than enthused with my wanting to clean, clean, clean. It’s so envigorating though, and you get ideas about how to use the stuff better that you have. I think I always get that bug at the new year. Mostly because my husband is home and we’re all off and it’s a good time to throw out old papers, etc.

One of our big issues is that all 3 kids will share a room, at least for the time being (Conner could move into the office if he ever gets a Greg Brady in his system and needs some privacy). I am trying to figure out how to get all their stuff in the room. It’s definitely a challenge, to say the least. I think I have it pretty well figured out. But, do you have kids in the same room, and how does it work out? I should mention we don’t do much playing in their bedroom. We have a playroom that holds most of the toys, so that helps out a lot. I’m sure some of you are aghast at the thought of it — but it’s part of living here. We will never be able to afford a larger home here. However, we are able to use our yard almost the entire year, so that’s nice. Just a part of the CA living. At least we don’t roll out mattresses in our living room (yet).

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    I have all four of my girls in the same room. And no toy room. It’s pretty cramped, but do-able. My dh built a three tier bunk bed that goes from the floor to the ceiling. The two youngest share the bottom bunk and the other two have their own.

    I’m stressing about the boy who’s joining us in March. There’s absolutely no more room in the girls’ room for him, and not really any room in my bedroom either. Ack!

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    We have all three boys in one room even though we have two other spare rooms! I just think that the opportunity to share a bedroom with a sibling is pretty special. We have one bunk and a regular twin. It’s a pretty big room and there are a few toys, but really our struggle was finding space for all their clothes! We have dressers in the room and cubbies in the closet for socks and unders etc., and we hang a lot of stuff. I think room sharing is the best!

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    I have the older three all in one room. A bunk and a toddler bed. I use the third bedroom as the office and put two dressers in the office so the bedroom has more room. The bedrooms are pretty big and the kids like it. But Sydni is pulling for her own room.

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    I have a couple of friends that are 2 of 7 children and they were raised in a 4 bedroom home their whole lives in San Jose and they made it work with a similar set-up. 4 boys 3 girls. They had mega bunk beds and their garage became like a huge closet. No joke. They kept most of their stuff in the garage and it was all organized into isles and shelving and such. It was NOT a large house. Maybe 15 to 1600 sq feet. Does that help??

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    We moved from 2100, 2-car garage plus basement in PA to 1600, one car garage and no basement in FL. The biggest help was to be organized. I had everything lining the walls of the garage totally labeled so we could get at the seasonal stuff easily.

    The same thing with the bedrooms, bunk beds with everything hanging (two teirs would have been nice) or in drawers. We had just enough clothes, not excess with the next size (bought on clearance, of course) in boxes along the top. And, NO TOYS IN THE BEDROOM!! It was a place to sleep, not to play.

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