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First off, I just finished my menu plan for the week:

Mexican: Enchilada Casserole
Pasta: Spaghetti Carbonara
Kiddie: Hamburgers
Chicken: Balsamic chicken and Au gratin potatoes
(we had this chicken last week, but Drew liked it so much, he asked for it for his birthday meal)
Soup: Sausage Barley Soup
Other: Tuna Melts and Pork Chops
(not together, but I have both ingredients on hand)

You’ll notice there are carry-overs from last week — and that’s normal because we don’t usually eat at home 6 or 7 nights/week. I would guess we eat out at least once. Plus, Drew doesn’t always go off the menu plan when I work in the evening. It’s nice to just have to fill in a few holes. Oh, one other thing I’m trying is taking inventory of what I have leftover in the fridge on Mondays (which is also the day I clean-out the fridge). This week, I realized I had leftover enchilada sauce, and pineapple — which is where the tuna melts and enchilada casserole came in. I like not wasting food, and we’ve done far too much of that in the past. Don’t you feel so defeated when you throw away moldy leftovers?

So, I have some questions for my fellow blog readers, now that I’m trying to fix my life. I thought some of you might have some answers:

1. Our piano is freakin‘ loud. It’s insane. Our house is very small and it sits in the corner on hardwood so it’s just echoing all over. I can’t STAND it when Conner plays when I’m trying to get anything else done, it’s just SO loud. It’s even loud when I practice myself. I’ve toyed with a couple of ideas. a) Get some carpet scraps to place behind it. I don’t think we’d actually be able to get the piano ON a piece of carpet, so I thought this was a good idea. b) Buy some felt to tack to the back of it. Is this an OK thing to do? Something’s gotta be done, esp. before the baby’s born because I know I can’t take crying, and piano and my personal wailing. :)

2. Do you print your digital scrapbooking pages, and if so where? I’m toying with the idea of doing more of them, but having them in a book, for me, is a must. I also need them to be printed 8.5X11 so they can go with my regular paper scrapbook pages. I’ve printed them 8X10 at Costco before, but I’d like them full sized if possible, and reasonably priced. :)

3. I am having a really hard time combining eating consciously with my diabetic deali-o. I have to eat set # of carbs, along with some protein. Obviously, the protein is a place where I can increase or decrease as needed. I very rarely eat to the point that I’m REALLY full (unless I fall off my diet all together), but I still probably eat past the point I need to, esp since I eat 6 times/day now. Anyway, it’s one of my goals that I made for myself during church yesterday — learning how to eat consciously in this new “realm”, I know it’s the only way I’m going to lose weight (or at least not pack it on — I’ve only gained about 11 pounds so far, and I’m 25 weeks, but I still was hoping to only have gained 6 pounds at this point).

So, can you fix me? Or am I hopeless? :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    I’ve got an HP Photosmart 8150 and I love it. I can print my own pages. Kirkland 8 1/2 x 11 paper rocks, and it costs about $1.00 a page. Less if I use the refill ink, rather than a new HP cartridge.

    I am also going to try They only charge 50 cents for an 8 x 10. My friends have had good luck with them, and their prints look great.

    As for the diabetic thing…I found when I stuck to the diet EXACTLY, even eating a lot, over time I actually lost weight during my pregnancies…and then gained only a little at the end.

    Good luck.

  2. says

    I’d totally try the felt or carpet idea….nothing worse than a piano that makes you cringe! Especially with a delicate new little girl in the house! :)

    I digiscrap only 12×12 sheets and haven’t printed any of them yet…I only do it for entertainment so far, but am considering it for the future, like you. I was under the impression that there were oodles of scrap-oriented sites to print them though… I’m sure you’ve done a google search, maybe my impression was wrong.

    I’m not sure what your diabetic diet requires of you, but as a general rule try to make sure that your carbs are good quality ones…whole grains and such. There are few things worse than simple carbs for losing weight!

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