Food Storage Combo

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It seems like there’s two sediments when it comes to food storage.
1. Short term storage — aka, food that you “use” (many people say this is food you rotate through into your regular eating habits)
2. Long term storage — food that will keep you “alive” (most people buy this and let it sit in their garage, under their bed or in their shed until they move, it gets rodents, or they die).

Frankly, it’s frustrating to me. I don’t really do #2. I only buy food that we will use and rotate through. I also am obsessive about making sure that I rotate through my storage. I could probably live on our food for year, if properly portioned, and I was caught at the right time. It does tend to flux with sales.

No, I haven’t weighed it see if we have the proper amount per pound of human or whatever it is. I figure my time is better spent using my resources wisely.

I’m all for storing rice, dried beans, popcorn, etc. Things that store for a LONG time. But, I would only store if I am going to eat it, and that means rotating through it. Which means, at some points we will most likely have more then at other points. And of course the beauty of these items is that when it’s cheap you can buy a LOT of it. Most likely even cheaper then you’d get it at the cannery.

I guess I just don’t know if the two can co-exist. I think if you look at #2 from a different perspective it can easily fit into your #1 (especially if you’re cooking from scratch a great deal of the time, if you’re not — it would be hard to fit #2 in). Rice, beans, oats, sugar, — they’re all a part of my #1 storage. I do store them for longer than 3 months, most likely.

Last night was enrichment on food storage, and while I found it interesting, and it did make me want to take stock of things a little better, I left frustrated that I just don’t have the will to buy wheat or measure my rice by the pound to see if we have “enough”. :) Thoughts anyone?

** FYI: Enrichment is a meeting for LDS women, in our ward we have it monthly. Mostly we focus on making ourselves better women. Last night’s was on food storage, sometimes we do crafts, we’ve had them on the past on photography, gardening, etc. It’s an amazing idea. Genius church leaders.

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    I agree with you. I have some wheat, but I’m about ready to throw it out, because I have no use for it. I could get a grinder, I suppose. :) Otherwise, everything I have is stuff we use on a regular basis. I don’t think we could last a year on it at this point, but definitely a few months. I’m really working on the year’s supply part of things.

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    Hmmmm, I see what you’re saying. I’m NOT good about rotating things into our everyday diet since our everyday diet is mostly fresh stuff….meats and veggies. For that reason we did our 1 year supply before the newest counsel to have 3 month supply of foods you normally eat and can rotate through. So we have loads of wheat and rice, sugar, powdered milk, beans and the like. This, for me, is just plain old obedience. At the time that was the counsel, so we did it! I use the wheat for bread and of course the sugar and powdered milk in baking and the rice for everyday stuff…but the beans pretty much will just sit there!

    After we finished that long term storage (calculated by lbs. etc.) i started our 3 month supply. Again, our regular meals are from mostly fresh produce and meat, so I made up a 30 day menu of “pantry meals”….meaning meals I could make from canned or boxed items. I do rotate through these, but just at a slower pace. For us this food will be what we use if we ever lose our job and need to scale back expenses, or if we get cut off from grocery stores because of disaster. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s all I could figure out for us.

    I think that’s the point…every single family is going to have a different storage solution. The important part is that we HAVE storage! I think your plan is perfect if it works for you!

    p.s. inventorying is a beast…any ideas on how to manage it??????

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