The Good and the Bad

First off, the bad. I called Mr. Sewing Machine today — he said they’d ordered a part, but he wasn’t sure he could fix it. The good? He says, “Have you been sewing on this machine recently?”
“uh, yeah” I reply.
“Wow, you’re good.”
A gal just doesn’t get that kind of response often enough. Why, in fact I am good… and that sewing machine was always bringin‘ me down, I just knew it.
However, I am very worried about my little old Futura. I really hope that the spring he ordered will fix it. I really only have eyes for it, not some new cheap model.
Please say a prayer for Mr Sewing Machine and his fixing ability for me. And for my sanity.

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  1. says

    Poor machine.

    Mine is a Kenmore…I think Joel got it on sale for me for around 120 at Sears around Christmas time 6 years ago. It does a good job, but I do like my mom’s 30 year old Bernina better.

    PS…your weight loss ticker has expired. Maybe you should replace it with a baby ticker. :) Just sayin’