The Good News

Sometimes you feel like bad news pours down on your head. But yesterday was a good news day.

1. I passed my 1 hour glucose. It’s huge for me. I was getting depressed just thinking about doing the 3 hour. I also feel like what I’m doing is making a difference in my health, so that’s always a happy thing.
2. There’s a good chance Drew won’t lose his job. I mean, you never know — but he had his meeting yesterday where they usually announce cuts, and the superintendent was even there and he seemed pretty positive. I mean, I won’t believe anything til’ I see it. But I’m still happy.

Anyway, it was a happy day. And now to sew some more blankets (this time for a friend) — and wait for my water heater to explode — I mean, good news is often followed by bad. Am I right?

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    I failed my one hour. And cried in the doctor’s office. Turns out eating 2 pb&j sandwiches an hour before taking it doesn’t help out. thankfully, I passed the three hour one. And then told the doctor to shove it for making me take it, since I knew I didn’t have gestational diabetes. ;p

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