Grocery Shopping at 7 am

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That’s right, I went to the grocery store this morning at 7am. I couldn’t sleep — I woke up and my hips were hurting, and the only thing that made them happy was sleeping on my back — but then I was eliminating vital nutrients from my fetus…. so I just got up.

There’s a lot that you can observe alone at the grocery store.
For instance, Savemart and Lucky are cheaper then Safeway. I’d always “known” it — but know I know. On store brands Savemart’s is almost always 10 cents or so cheaper. However, Safeway does have better sales. Just an FYI for you, my readers. Feel blessed.

I was able to stock-up on some of the important stuff, and all of it was on sale. Dry beans were even on sale — about 20% off… which isn’t amazing — but what do you want on dried beans? So, I am a girl with a bunch of dried beans now. It’s amazing what you can look at and take stock of when you’re grocery shopping alone. It’s a rarity for me, and while my 4 year old is a grocery shopping pro, it was still good. I’d recommend everyone take an hour and go check out prices on stuff. And then go to the spa. :)

{me, doing the dried bean dance}

In other news, I made Drew organize in the garage for a good two hours again this fine AM. He loves me so. Seriously, if you saw it, you would mock me for spending any time in there, but it is good to know what exactly we have, etc. Also hoping to use some reusable canvas bags when I grocery shop from now on. I have a few of them, and I hate throwing away the plastic ones.

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    I love that when you decide to do something, nothing stands in your way until it is done.

    I have several of the reusable bags and I forget to use them half the time. Bugs me.

    I am happy for your dried beans.

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