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My friend Shannon was talking on her blog about making this year “The Year of the Homemaker” — and I think a lot of people are thinking the same things. There are a lot of moms deciding to stay at home, perhaps for the first time. Either way, many people who prior to now maybe had maids or services to do many of the things that are included in “homemaking” — and they just can’t afford (or choose not to afford) those things now.

One of the things I do that really helps is planning out some menus at the beginning of each week. Some of you may see the blogs that do “Menu Plan Monday” and I do the same thing, but I don’t like be tied to having to cook a certain meal on a certain day. SO, I do it this way:

Kiddie (hot dogs, mini pizzas — something the kids will think is fun, etc.)
Soup (salad during the summer)

Then, I fill in stuff for each of those categories. Since I no longer buy things to fill in my menu, and I’m trying to make things off of what I buy that’s on sale it is a little more difficult. BUT, if I find something on sale I usually incorporate it into my menu. For this week it looked like this:

Mexican: Pineapple Sausage tacos (Costco has all those yummy sausage and they make quick, easy meals)
Kiddie: Hamburgers (I usually let the kids pick this one anyway)
Soup: Delicious Potato ham chowder
Chicken: Balsamic Vinegar chicken with cornbread
Pasta: Alfredo sausage pasta (anyone else seeing a theme of sausage — and yes, I do have a TON in my freezer that I got on good sales)
Other: Potato Bar

My main goal is to not go out to eat because I am either too lazy or haven’t planned ahead. We do still go out to eat, but I prefer to make it an “event” and special thing that we can enjoy together as a family (also it’s hard to stick to my diet when we go out to eat).

Anyway, I know a lot of people are trying to go out to eat less, and this is the way that’s working for us. I plan it all out on Mondays, and then each AM I pick something off the list. It’s important that I pick it in the morning too — get the stuff out to defrost, make sure I really have all the ingredients, etc.

Another way to do it is to come-up with your menu before you go to the grocery store, and then buy just the needed ingredients. This is a good first step in trying to save money at the grocery store.

Anyway, kind of a random entry but it’s working for us. I think all of us could post things that work for us in the area of homemaking on our blogs. I know I am always learning from the people whose feeds I follow.

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    I like the way you theme it. We agreed I would cook 3 times a week. Still haven’t quite figured out how to plan it. You know me and the meals. I’m getting there…

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