My Favorite Thing

It’s not raindrops on roses, or whiskers on kittens… it’s organizing.
It is literally orgasmic the pleasure I get from throwing things away and seeing space freed up. We currently have 2 shelves available in our garage. TWO. FULL. SHELVES. And I just went though the 9 million sticker books/coloring books/activity books I have (entirely embarrassing — but literally, my kids have a 1 year activity storage in our garage, besides the fact the rest of our food storage is cereal and macaroni and cheese) and organized them all. I could just take me a nice tall glass of water and sit out there and look at it. Re-analyze, and decide where I could be doing better.
It drives Drew crazy. I re-put things away 3 or 4 times, trying to make sure I’m using space as well as I can.
Drew, I apologize.

My other favorite thing? My 2008 video. I. LOVE. IT. I put some of my recent i-tunes downloads on it, and while I’m sure those songs will be long forgotten in a few years, it will be fun to have some “current” songs on it. There’s just something about listening to the song “bubbly” (“Everytime I see your bubbly face, I crinkle my nose… “) while seeing pictures of your kids at Disneyland flash by that does the soul good.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you guys do it.
Really, it’s a happy thing.

In other news, I was cancelled today — that’s right, these little fingers were supposed to be checking cervixes today, not typing on my keyboard. It’s been so nice to have this “extra” time — no, I’m not earning money, but Drew’s been able to go to a funeral, and you can all see I’ve been enjoying myself. Sad, but true. :)

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