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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!!!! I’d write a blog entry about you, except I already did a few weeks ago. It’d be nothing new to my readers. But I will mention it’s SO important to marry someone who is older than you? It’s so nice to throw that in their face about how they are as old as the hills, etc. Personally, I think the gift of sarcasm just keeps giving. Don’t you? :)

ANYWAY, back to my bitterness. Drew can eat ANYTHING. Last night he sits down on the couch with 3 slices of cheese for a snack. I start moaning, WHY AM I THE FAT ONE? I eat small meals, I work out, I’m big on veggies (someone else is not particularly into veggies). It’s just not fair how my estrogen holds onto fat like it should hold onto money.


In other news I am crocheting baby blankets up a storm. I’m hoping to take a picture of them, since they’re for me and I won’t be ruining anyone’s surprise. Of course, if I have a boy — someone might be a lucky winner.

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    Hilary…since you know John I think it is fair to say I completely understand. It is sooooo frustrating since his goal in life is to gain weight. I have managed to keep my freshman year of college as my “fattest” year but still…John has a hollow leg…

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    Boo for men’s metabolisms. My hubby is affectionately known as my human garbage disposal because he always finishes what I can’t. And yet i’ve gained wait since we got married. Did I mention boo…?

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