Sometimes you have to trust, and YES I’m talking to YOU pregnant women!

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Sometimes we get patients that come in that have READ SO much on the Internet and know SO much about their bodies they don’t believe us.

“My baby is really low, and I am pretty sure that’s dangerous” A) Your baby is not that low in the pelvis — I know this because I just touched her head and it wasn’t that low, I have a sure knowledge, and I’ve checked about 1,000 pregnant women — I know low when I see low. B) Not dangerous, annoying yes — but not dangerous.

“My water is broken” — well, after 1.5 hours of sitting on a pad you have a bit of moisture — but that’s not your water. Believe me, I’ve seen people with water flowing off the bed. No kidding. FYI — if you think you water is broken here’s my advice. 1. Make sure there’s nothing hanging out — aka, a cord. 2. Change youre pants/panties and then wait a bit. If your water really IS broken it will keep coming, and coming and coming, you will have wet panties within the hour, at least. If it doesn’t, there’s a strong possibility you wet your pants. Get over it, and move on. Be glad I saved you from making a nurse tell you that. However, if you do have a question you can always go in beacause we have little paper we test to see if it’s your water (in this case, it wasn’t…)

Anyway, it’s hard to have patience with the patients when you’re pregnant yourself. While I was watching Oprah yesterday I had to laugh. “Get all your doctors in the same room, where they can discuss lab results and your situation.” Seriously, you have to be Oprah to get that kind of attention. It’s not like she was dying, she had some heart palpitations. She wasn’t even admitted. And frankly, she had SO many doctors on her case who all probably thought her first doctor did a thyroid test. Anyway, I laughed. I’m all for a patient advocate, but in at least 90% of cases you need to be your OWN advocate. Even if you are Oprah.

**I did want to add that I think nothing is more important then listetning to your patient, but I think it’s a two way road. Don’t think you have more information than me because you read it on the internet. It’s my job for a reason. :)

In other news, my sewing machine is still at the fix-it shop, I hope he calls me soon. I just hope it can be fixed.

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    My water was like that when it “broke” VERY slow leak, but I knew it wasn’t urine because a) it didn’t smell like urine, and b) it was just constantly kind of wet. But not really wet. It was like that for 4 days though, before I mentioned it to my doctor. And then they admitted me.

    But seriously, Oprah is deluded.

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