Step Away From the Food Storage

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K, just a couple of thoughts on the food storage thing.

It is SO nice to know what I have — and I think my little table will help me keep tabs without wanting to shoot myself. :) Now that I have 10 or so things that I’m on the hunt for the at the grocery store I realize what their regular prices are and when I should stock up. Go me. Also realizing that I need to buy these things on sale. Nothing is an absolute necessity (aka, milk) and I can make meals without them. I’d just prefer to have them. Plus, I want my shelves to look pretty and full. Prideful me. I won’t lie — it probably took 3 hours or so to go through everything and re-organize (mainly becuase I did have to transfer to some of the new shelves) — but it will be well worth my time if I use my food more wisely.

In other news, the Bush twins — how great is that letter they wrote to the Obama kids? How great is that letter in general? {sigh} I saw Merideth Vierra crying after they did their little montage on the Today show. She deserved a tear. :)

I cheated, I ate a brownie last night. I feel pretty dang yuckola this fine AM. Drat you sugary baked goods. I’m vowing that I will make S a birthday cake, but other then that I’m out of the sweets department until we see this little sweetie. I even brought in some of the emergency cookies I have in the garage (aka, oreos) so my kids aren’t feeling too overly un-sweetened but I am not tempted (it seems like I’m mostly tempted by home-baked goods, not store-bought).

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    Good for you for keeping your kids sweet. Yeah, that’s why I get mad at Joel for making divine brownies/cookies/lemonbars/etc. every Sunday. It’s hard to resist.

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