Stuff I Saw in the Ads

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I do think prices are coming down a bit, but it just might be me — or it might be the fact that it’s Superbowl weekend.


  • Dryers Ice Cream 2.77
  • Cream of soups 4/3 (I will be stocking up on this price — I think it’s only Chicken and Mushroom)


  • Prawns 4.99/lb
  • Avocados 2/1
  • Chili 88 cents (I will also be stocking up on this)
  • Doritos 1.88 (decent price, but I don’t really love Doritos as a tortilla chip)

** All of these items are on their 72 hour sale, the prices are only good Fri, Sat and Sun.


  • Grapes 88 cents (kids have been missing these — haven’t been on this good of a sale for a while)
  • Lay’s 1.69 (getting a few bags of these)
  • Nabisco Crackers 1.69 (stocking up, I’m low on the wheat thins — seems like there’s also a coupon)
  • Li’l Smokies Sausage 2/5 (still kind of expensive, but yummy….)
  • Best Foods Mayo 2.88 (Lowest I’ve seen in a while, I got it a few days ago at Walgreens on a RR deal for 2.80, but that’s a good price for now)
  • String Cheese 2/7
  • Bagged Sliced Mushrooms 1.99

**I have heard they’re coming out with some coupons over the weekend, so since I don’t desperately need any of these things, I will be shopping for them on Monday after the ad comes out.

Anyway, anyone else see anything else?

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