Tax Dance

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I filed my taxes this morning.

Now, by reading this you are obligating yourself to ever help Drew out if I ever die. Honestly, he hasn’t ever filed our taxes (honestly, I’m not sure he’s ever filed taxes — but most definitely not with deductions, etc. — most likely just the 1040 EZ). I worry about what will happen to him. I am so on top of what we spend it is easy for me to pull out our deductions, who gives us interest, etc. {sigh} Again, if I die — you are all responsible to help him.

How rare do you think it is that the wife files the taxes, almost self-sufficiently? I was wondering what percentage of households that occurs in.

I used — and I really liked it. You can get 30% off by using this link:
Even though it says repeat users, anyone can use it (except for me because by the time I found this you couldn’t import a previous tax return, blah, blah, blah — I figured it was worth my 3 bucks not to have to type it all in again). Plus, this gives you the deluxe edition, which gives you tax help (if needed).

I have used Turbo Tax in the past, I must admit, mostly because it imported all of my info from the prior years. However, with our computer debacle about a year ago I lost all that good stuff, so I figured I’d start fresh. Turbo Tax is a little better, I will agree. But the cost to efile and buy the program, etc. puts it around 60 bucks to do it all (I think). My total cost with tax act was 13.99, and it keeps my info online so that it will import it to my account next year. Fairly handy if you ask me.

I am also bitter that Quicken makes you upgrade every 3 years because they can. Is anyone else bothered by this? Darn you Quicken. If anyone sees it for less than 40 bucks, lemme know.

So, this is me doing the tax dance. I must admit that we usually do something fun with our tax return (most often, lately, it’s been a trip to Disneyland), but that’s out of the question this year (bump getting to big)… so it’s all just going into 3 month money storage account. It’s something I feel strongly about and even though I HATE my couch… I figure I might as well let the baby do its thing on there, and get a nice one next year. Right? :)

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  1. says

    I don’t think Joel has ever filed taxes. I do it every year, as you well know.

    So you can import from tax cut? Because I didn’t even bother looking at the link when you sent it before because I want to be able to import.

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