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I have some random thoughts for this fine Thursday, many of them revolving around some TLC shows. Enjoy.

1. Had to take my 1 hour glucose (AGAIN) today. I can’t imagine I will pass it — but I had to take it regardless. I’ve felt off ever since, and when you haven’t had that much real sugar in a while it really tastes BAD. I’m trying to push the reminder that I’ll get to do a 3 hour sometime soon out of the back of my mind. I mean, miracles happen — I could pass the 1 hour. Right? For those of you thinking I did this before — I did. I had to do it at 8 weeks, I failed the 1 hour, passed the 3 hour but my fasting was high — so I’m on the diabetic diet. But now they’re checking to see if I fail further, because then I’ll have to start measuring my blood sugar 4 times/day.

2. Toddlers and Tiaras — on TLC. O.M.G. Did anyone else watch this show? It was a mom and daughter beauty pageant. I was literally dying. Perhaps it’s just that I have boys but these moms are INSANE. Really, go to your DVR, and record it. You’ll have a lovely 1/2 hour of shock in store for you.

3. 17 and Counting — the show about the Duggar family. The oldest son got married in an episode recently and he took the older girls all down to help prepare for the wedding. It was HILARIOUS to watch the parents cope actually parenting that many kids (usually the older children are given a younger child to basically parent — which leaves the mom with a newborn and just to oversee stuff). Personally, I have a few friends who came from very large families and they weren’t so hot to have children of their own — they felt like they’d already done that, and to me it’s just sad. However, I think it’s nice that they’re promoting large families and being self sufficient. They still seem more real then John and Kate who just got a giant new house and he STILL never works. Oh, and let’s not go into how she just said that being on TV was the hardest job they’ve ever had. For heavens sake, didn’t she work in a nursing home? I think the children stole her memory. Sorry, a little off track there.

Happy Thursday friends. Feel free to mock how much time I spend in front of my DVR. :)

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  1. Mike says

    The thing that bugs me abouy 17 kids and counting is that they had that many kids on purpose, atleast for jon and kate + eight it was an accident

  2. Mikell says

    The thing that bugs me abouy 17 kids and counting is that they had that many kids on purpose, atleast for jon and kate + eight it was an accident

  3. says

    I love the Duggar’s and I think if they can pull of that many kids …which they seem to do… they’re good kids, smart, talented, respectful, well mannered, etc then have them. It’s the trash of the world that keeps having tons of kids on welfare and drugs that I have to keep paying for with my tax dollars that shouldn’t keep having kids.

    I came from a big family and it makes me sad that I can’t have a large family.

    They’re all raising good kids… which heaven help us the world needs good kids so who cares if it was planned or not??

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