Trying to “Be” With Them

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I’ve noticed SO many moms writing on their blogs that they’re trying so hard to savor the days with their kids. And while I totally agree with this, that my kids will grown up too quickly, that in a blink of an eye I’ll be sending them to college wondering why they aren’t dragging around blankies and bottles anymore.

Today’s just not one of those days.

I told Conner last night if he was still sick in the morning he’d be in his bed all day. He woke-up feeling worse then before so guess who’s in his bed, right now. Spencer’s home too. He’s actually pretty pitiful. Spencer rarely gets sick (unlike his brother) so it’s extra sad to see him. Pus, he’s been a bit cuddly with this illness, and if you know my kids, you know it’s rare to get a cuddle.
So, what percentage of my days are ones that I want to “be” with them. Frankly it does seem rare. Most days are so monotonous — getting to school, getting to soccer, doing homework, bugging them about science fair projects or pinewood derby cars….

The hard thing is breaking out of that stuff, or doing it with them (with a happy heart). I think perhaps that will be my goal. Do something with the kids each day… happily. Sometimes I plan a lot of stuff for us to do together but it just ends-up with me wanting to pull my hair out (like this past Sunday when Conner and I were making breakfast and he put the pepper grinder IN the eggs to grind the pepper — {sigh}). It’s the happy heart part. Doing it just to be with them, not so much to get a job done. Problem is, because I am not a saint, there will be times that I can’t do everything with them happily and not caring about the outcome. So, once a day is a nice goal. Don’t you think?

And if I’m a blithering idiot today, just remember both kids, home sick — second day in a row. Drew practically jumped out the door.

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    I think that sounds like a mighty nifty goal and I’m sure those with kids feel more like you than those other mothers. I don’t think you’re in the minority. Just going off of what i hear from my 5 older siblings with kids ūüėČ

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