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MAN, it was ugly this morning. Usually I end-up working a lot during Christmas break, but this year I steered clear of the craziest time of the year at our hospital. I even got used to sleeping in (sometimes til’ 7:30 — {gasp}). BUT, we’ve pretty well let the kids stay up later, and giggle in their beds for the break, but last night I reminded them we had to get up early.

That didn’t help.

Woo, boy. Conner was a GRUMP-ville, and Spencer just laid in his bed and said “I’m STILL SLEEPING!” I must admit it was hard to pull myself out of bed for yoga this AM, but it did help my achy little body. So good to get back into the routine, but also so hard.

In other news, after last week’s lesson about Sacrament meeting, someone mentioned having a notebook to take notes in. I found one in my stash (I love cute notebooks, don’t you?), and I really enjoyed writing a few thoughts down yesterday. During the sacrament I reflected on things that I really want to try harder on. I hope to do this every week… and I wouldn’t be shocked if my goals center around the same thing, but that’s what life’s about. We struggle and struggle with the same things. I wanted to make a “natural man” goal (this week is’ getting back to my pre-Christmas weight), and then a spiritual goal (having better prayers, this is something I always struggle with — when my prayers are good I feel SO good, but it’s usually lacking).

Anyway, it’s always nice to start your week “anew” with goals and thoughts for the new week. We had a good lesson in RS about moving forward with our lives. It helped me focus on this too.

In other news, I think sewing the scouting patches on Conner’s shirt did a number on my sewing machine (no, that’s not mine, but I’d give you a picture to realize how old it is). For the first time it’s off for a check-up. I REALLY hope that it’s fixable. I really like my sewing cabinet, and although the machine is VERY old it’s supposedly one of the last good singer models. We actually got it for free in the beginning, due to some small miracles, so a small investment is probably worthwhile {crossing fingers}.

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  1. Mikell says

    Im STILL SLEEPING. That must have been so funny said in his cute voice. i shouldve said that this morning. as if it wouldve done me any good

  2. says

    Abi just about missed the bus this morning because she didn’t believe me when I told her she needed to stop eating her toast and get her teeth brushed and shoes on!! Hopefully tomorrow will go better for all of us!

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