Yummy Pie

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Two bits of exciting news:
#1. Sewing machine is back — and it’s BETTA THEN EVAH. Really, stitch lengths are even, and I can even make it baste (before it only did really tiny stitches). GENIUS! Working on a blanket for the wee one now.
#2. Made some super yummy pie for FHE. I can’t really have any (although I think I’m gonna work a nibble or two into my evening snack), but it was super delish, according to my husband — and the couple of crumbs I tasted, and the smell. Here’s the link:
Oats and Honey Granola Pie
It’s in a similar genre to Pecan pie, but with less nuts and more crunch and CHOCOLATE, hello! Anyway, I also made it with Spencer and he had a great time breaking up the granola bar to go in it. I usually love the Pillsbury bake-off recipes, and this was no exception.

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