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Conner now has band before school (as well as a pull-out for just his instrument during the day). Let’s just say I don’t love taking him the hour early. I think I’ve mentioned before, but I don’t get help in the AM since Drew has to be to school so early. He can’t drop him off, becuase it’s not quite early enough. So, it’s all me hustling him out the door at an insanely early time. I’ve put most of the responsibility on him though, if he feels like it’s important he can take some effort to do it.

So, today he was a bit late, but on the way home I just happened to have some old marching band tunes playing from my college days.

And I realized that band is the key, and well — music in general. when you look around the room at a band concert, you see every parent that is involved at school. You realize that slacker parents aren’t going to be the ones taking their kids early to school. And whose kids do you want your kid to be friends with? The good parents, trust me on that one.

Anyway, I’m glad that he has the opportunity to have band in school. I think those days are going to get fewer and farther between, especially for the elementary kids. He is really enjoying it so far and I hope the friendships he makes are the ones that take him to the good decisions he’ll make further down the road.

And yes, this blog entry may be brought to you by early morning hallucinations (I am always up at 6, but I’m not really ready to face the world til’ around 8). Go team.

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  1. says

    I really like the good parents=good friends for your kids observation. That’s probably way old-school parental knowledge, but it was a new thought for me. I’ll file that away for future reference! :)

  2. Mikell says

    i do that 3 times a week. Seriously feel bad for my mom. Hey remember when you said if we lived out there you would totally take me to band in the morning.THough mine is earlier and more conveinent to your workout schedule

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