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If I could keep time in a bottle. I’d go back to when BPA didn’t make me feel guilt shoving the toxicity-laden bottle in my baby’s face.
For those of you who dont know my history, my kids are entirely bottle fed. I have high hopes for my boobs this time, but I need to be realistic. I am also thinking that while we won’t replace our entire bottle line-up (which has been waiting patiently for almost 4 years in our garage), I should get 4 or so main bottles that I can use that are BPA free (is it BPA? that bad stuff that could be in our bottles). So, the question is — what kind do I get now? I’ve always used Avent, and I think I’m leaning that way — but I’m wondering if you have a cheaper bottle that you love? Tell me more. I think Drew and I are going to go bottle hunting on date night tomorrow night.
And then we’ll make out, of course. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    I”m a big fan of the playtex bottles with liners. Easiest to clean and you never have to keep a dirty bottle around because you can throw the liner away while you’re out. Plus the nipple is softer and more boob-like than even Avent, though those are the next nicest.

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    DON’T THROW YOUR BOTTLES AWAY!!!! Babies R Us will take all your BPA bottles as long as you have a complete bottle (bottle, nipple, ring, and top, or whatever a complete bottle would include for your particular brand). Then they will give you a voucher for BPA free bottles. I made the mistake of throwing mine away and then the customer service lady at Babies R Us said they would do that. They also take back BPA binkies too. I’m a fan of the BPA avent bottles. Let me know what works out!

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    We tried a few (including the drop-in ones) and really liked the Playtex Vent-Aire. The bottom comes off, so they’re still really easy to clean, the nipple is pretty boob-like, and it seemed like my babies were WAY less gassy and didn’t spit up as much. I threw away all my bottles awhile ago (we usually only get 2 or 3) just because I figure they’re not that expensive and I’d rather have a new one for the new baby. These are the ones I’m planning on getting for this baby. And is it bad that I have no idea what this BPA stuff is that you’re talking about?

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    I vote for the Playtex ones with the drop in liners. One of my boys was really colicky, the other just normal. It made for a lot less gas, which we were definately trying to avoid. Plus, they are really easy to clean up. You can reuse the bottles, just change the liners and nipples and there you go. The nipples are really close to the real thing, and my boys used them for the duration of their bottle time.

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