Grrrr… what if I had 14 of these things?

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It’s been one of those mornings. Conner and I are going to have a talk after school about his behavior (or lack thereof) in the mornings and how we can improve it. It’s all play again. {sigh} Then, the homework comes 3 minutes before we leave for me to sign and he forgets his lunch. Just one of those days. And, of course, I’m room mom so I’m in charge of his party later this afternoon {big freaking sigh}.

Which brings my thoughts to Nadya Suleman. I’m saddened that people are calling her the “octa mom” — because she is someone’s mom, and those little someones are small and I think we should have more respect for people in general. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for me to do an entry on her, and perhaps you’ll be surprised at my thoughts.

  • I think people need to shut-up about her. Especially anyone who’s ever gotten fertility or considered it, or loves someone who’s gotten fertility. It’s amazing something like this hasn’t happened before (and most likely, most people would’ve aborted most of the babies — which, personally I think is WAY worse than raising them, cheers for her for at least accepting her consequence).
  • I think no one is equipped to raise six-tuplets or octuplets, or honestly, even qudruplets. Almost all of those people receive help — a father and a mother is just not enough, at all. John of John and Kate didn’t have a job when they had the babies — and they had to have PLENTY of help. Even if she did have a husband, she’d still require loads and LOADS of assistance.
  • John and Kate receive a LOT of assistance, in fact their whole life is now built around the fact that they had the birth of multiples. Most of the stuff in the house was obviously acquired through sponsors, etc. People complain that this woman is asking for donations, but is it really any different?
  • PLENTY of people have babies with no job, no insurance and no plans on how to pay for them. I thing this rings true to many Mormons. I’m not judging, I’m just saying there are similarities.
  • Yes, she’s crazy. But let’s not pretend she’s the first crazy woman to have children.
  • I think we need to stop putting fertility as the answer to everything, and implanting multiple embryos in every woman who asks for it. I hope this shines a light on it.
  • The doctor should lose his licence and he should be required to come help at her house for a few hours every week. He knew what he was doing — and it’s affecting the older children. Time for some Chutes and Ladders for him. :)

This poor woman, I can’t imagine what her life is like. I hope she makes the best of it. Good luck to her. She’s got a consequence for this decision for a very long time.

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  1. says

    I agree that we have to keep the needs of the children in mind, but at the same time, what the woman’s doing–how she’s handling all of this–leaves her wide open to all the ire of the internet. She’s not doing any favors for herself each time she opens her mouth. I realize that we might not know the whole story, and I’m trying to give her the mental benefit of the doubt, but at the same time, everything I’ve heard about her makes me angry. I personally believe that people with no insurance, no job and no plans on how to pay for a child need to start getting a dose of reality at some point. I’ll give people two, three or four–but she already had SIX!

    I’m getting too grumbly now. I’ll shut up before I really start to lose it.

  2. Renee' H says

    They’ve reported that she is also a little mentally “not there.” There should be some, if there is it wasn’t done properly, mental evaluations done on perspective patients. Yes, that doctor was negligent in putting that many embroyos. What the heck was he thinking? It sounds like she is in love with the idea of having babies, but when you have six at home without important needs, living off the generosity of your parents, you should decide that you have done your part. I would love to have more than just the two beautiful boys that I have, but my age (38) and finances are just not on my side.

  3. Anonymous says

    In all honesty, I wish people would stop talking about the fact that she has 14 children. The last thing we need is for the country to start mandating how many children we can have…that is a mighty slippery slope. And MANY people who have large families can actually take care of them.

    Now, the whole 6 embryos thing is maddening. I agree with you that the doctor should be stripped of his license. It’s absolutely outrageous. I considered IVF for awhile and my doctor said he RARELY implants more than 2. And even then, NEVER more than 3. The doctor was totally negligent.

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