Diaper Envelopes

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I am a sewing genius. I know. :) I have been sewing burp cloths up a storm (they’ll get their own post soon) but now that I’m finally on disability I decided to take a moment and head to Joann’s to see what I could see. I went hoping to get fabric to make a diaper envelope, and some for bibs. Here, you see the diaper envelope.

First, let me say I got the tutorial and everything from this site. She explains things really well, and it’s fully lined. Some of it takes a little more thought then I would prefer, but I like how it’s all lined. There are a few tutorials out there, but this one was my favorite.

I chose some heavy duty home decor fabric (that’s 30% off right now at Joann’s). It’s just 1/4 of a yard (I was going to do the envelope facing the other way, but it was cheaper to buy fabric like this, and I still have enough to do another one. I think it would’ve been easier to line it with something else, but I loved the stripe against the pink and green. I used a magnetic closure, instead of velcro. I’m not sure I love that I did this, but I’d always wanted to try to use them. They’re pretty fancy — and it will be very easy to close (and will stay close). Not quite as easy to open.

I wish this held just a bit more. My wipes and a small diaper fit in there just fine — but I think next time I’ll make it a little longer (and maybe move the magnetic closure up a bit to give me a little extra length). I also added a handle. Also not sure if I love this, but I do think it’ll be handy as I haul my diapers with me to the potty. :) Almost makes me excited to change the wee one.


Total cost for this was just around 2 dollars plus tax (1.50 for fabric, that can also make another and then 50 cents for the magnetic closure — they come in a pack of 3). I’ve seen them going on etsy for $15-20. Total time was around an hour, but a fair amount of that was figuring out my magnetic closure (velcro would have been much easier) and I took out a bit to put the handle in after I decided I wanted it. Next time I think I could make one in about 45 minutes. J’s has SO many yummy home decor fabrics, I am really happy with how it turned out.

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