Internal Medicine

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OB recommended I go to my internist to see if there’s anything we’re missing with this pain.
Internal medicine is VERY afraid of OB patients. We are one giant liability on this world.
I think it will be a good 15 dollars flushed down the tubes of the Kaiser system, but whatever.
Maybe he’ll fix me. Maybe I should just get fixed. :)
People, this pain is cutting into my internet time. HOW SAD IS THAT? Sitting hurts, driving REALLY hurts, standing hurts, bending.
Now laying on the couch on my left side, that’s a position I am very fond of.
ETA: MD thinks there is a SLIGHT chance it’s Gallstones. I can’t imaigne it is, but I’m off for a fasting ultrasound of it tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my Gall Bladder, call me excited.

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    I haven’t been blogging lately so I think I missed an earlier post but I had a pain (don’t know if it’s similar since I missed the details) during the last month of my pregnancy with Aidan.

    It was on the right side like where my appendix is. They checked my appendix, checked my uterus to make sure it hadn’t torn or something, checked all my other organ functions like kidneys, etc. Everything was normal. But it was excrutiating pain! It hurt to walk (it would radiate down my right leg in the front and in my hip), it hurt to sit- they couldn’t give me any answers. She finally just prescribed me something for the pain and I took that like the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.

    After I delivered, it went away. Until just recently. It started bugging me before Christmas but just a dull pain. 2 weeks into January it was killing me. Again, they check my appendix, checked my kidneys (I had recently been treated for a UTI right after Christmas), did a $1500 CT scan, CBC- all normal. I bumped into a friend who said she had something similar and it was yeast that had gotten into her kidneys and urinary tract. They treated her with diflucan for a couple of months and it went away. So now I’m on my first month of difucan and it seems to be working. The pain has lessened. My doctor said it made sense since I had just been on an antibiotic. He said there isn’t really an accurate test to see if there is an excess amount of yeast somewhere in your body but we tried it out anyway since we had ruled out all the big things. The other day, I remembered that I had this same pain with Aidan. Weird.

    Don’t know if this helps or not but hang in there. And if it were me, I wouldn’t go to any more doctors than necessary. If they’ve ruled out the big, scary stuff already.

    Good luck!

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    Oh no – I’m sorry to hear that you are having pain, especially since pregnancy isn’t exactly a picnic as it is. Hope they figure it out soon.

    And thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

    :) Leslie

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