Liar Liar Pants on Fire

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I was happily vacuuming this fine AM while Spencer was doing his lessons, when I get a call from school. Conner’s in the nurse’s office saying he “feels funny.” Now, he had no symptoms this AM when I dropped him off at band (AT SEVEN AM — grrrr….). They say it’s my call if I want to come get him, but they say he would like to come home.

I pack us up to go get him. I check him out of school, he says he feels “spacey“. I figure maybe he didn’t sleep well or who knows what’s up. We get home, he walks right over to Spencer’s new birthday toys and starts to play. Umm… no. Get in your bed Mister.

“I’m hungry, mom.” So I give him his snack from his lunch. He bugs Spencer while Spencer finishes his lessons, and then I tell him to go to his bed. He keeps getting out of his bed, to draw, or steal Spencer’s Leapster. He’s totally faking his illness, in hopes to better paw through Spencer’s birthday toys.

So, what do you do? Right now I’m keeping him in his bed, checking on him every 10-15 minutes, keeping him supine and just reading. It’s not going to be a fun day, and he will also miss out on the activities he had planned for this evening (cup scouts). Am I missing anything there? I was going to let him watch TV with Spencer, but he was quickly running around the room and rocking in the chair like a wild horse. Back to bed for him.


I hate being a nurse at home. I told him this is what I do at work. I tell sick people what they can and can not do. He reminded me that I am not at work. I reminded him that I was aware, but that I had a degree that said I could do things like that.

Take that little faker, now get back in bed.

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  1. Mikell says

    Thats not very nice. Was something happening at school? Make it really boring, then he would rather be at school with his friends

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