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Went to Safeway this AM. Saved 63% on my grocery bill. There was a 10$ off 50 in yesterday’s newspaper… so if you got it, don’t throw it away — it’s worth your while. I hope they put those in more often (since you’re saving 20% right off the bat with those!). It’s funny, I kind of psyche myself up for trips that I know I’m going to save a lot. It gets me all giddy.

I know, I need a life.

Had a dream last night that we couldn’t figure out what to name the baby and we took it home early, but then I went back to talk to the birth recorder and I had all these little slips of paper with names on them. We are the worst at names. Really, we are. We do have it down to about 15 or so right now. Of course, that list expands and contracts much like wood on a hot day. {sigh}

Pinewood Derby was last Friday (pictures to come), and science fair due this Friday. It’s interesting to see Conner compile all the deadlines in his head (and then choose to lay on the floor and read a book instead of anything that would produce something for the deadlines).

Random blog entry, but what’s new eh?

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  1. says

    I only saved 48% this week. It didn’t even seem that great, when all was said and done.

    Well…you can always draw the name out of a hat, based on what you already have.

    Or name her sestiou, like the word verify on this post.

  2. says

    lol… i love Lara’s suggestion of the name!

    Or post the names on the blog and have people vote. I love voting and giving my very loud opinion on names. :)

    You have a good last name to work with. Lucky you.

    My word verification is Lusla… we’re headed in the right direction! Take out the s so you have Lula and you have a winner!

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