Menu Plan Monday

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Here’s this week’s plan:
Mexican: Tortilla Chip Chicken
Pasta: Crock pot cream cheese chicken (my friend Shannon made this before, and it’s pretty dang delish)
Kids: Hot Dogs (Spencer’s request for his birthday)
Soup: Chili (already in the crock pot, and unless the missionaries are just monsters tonight we should have enough for 2 or 3 meals — did I mention I used dried beans?)
Chicken: Paprika Chicken with Sour Cream Sauce
Other: Tostadas and southwestern salad

Now, some reviews:
Dried beans: Just had to mention again, that yes — these are causing me to plan further in advance. This is the tutorial I went off of (I did pinto beans yesterday, for the chili today). But if you break it down. The beans soaked for about 6 hours yesterday in cold water, I skimmed off the floaters, and put them in the crock pot overnight last night on low. Then, I drained the liquid and put in my chili ingredients for today. As you can see in her tutorial it definiately saves you money to plan ahead. I had done black eyed peas before, and they smelled NASTY when I tried this, but with these — it was just fine.
Mac and Cheese: OMG, it’s just devine. Can’t say enough nice things about it. Wasn’t hard, didn’t have to make a white sauce for hours at the stove, which is one of the highlights for me. :)
Refried Bean Soup: I’d made this before, and I vaguely remember it was yummy and easy — but boy oh BOY is it ever. Great one to have the kids help on, and especially great if you have a lot of refried beans, which I do. Provo-ans — if you ever had the soup before the dinner at El Azteca (the restaurant, not the take-out) this one comes pretty dang close. Seriously, SO easy. And low fat, and well… go make it. Really. I served it with some tortillas that I put some cheese on and baked. Kids loved it. GREAT one to use-up your food storage!

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    As my dh is Mexican, we make pinto beans ALL the time. And we don’t ever soak them first….just sort through them (sometimes there are little rocks), rinse them, and then cook them. I don’t know what the purpose of soaking them is and I don’t know if ours would be better if we soaked them, but they always seem to turn out just fine.

    We cook them with salt, an onion cut into chunks and some hot sauce. Then when they’re done, you can mash them in a skillet with a potato masher and some oil, and you have your own refried beans. SOO much better than from a can. (And then you can add more salt or hot sauce if you think they need it.)

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