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A couple of presentations… Last night our ward had enrichment on finances. They invited all the husbands, and the young women even baby sat. I figured there’d be a pretty good turn-out of younger couples. I was wrong. Drew was like one of 5 guys in the room, if even that. Even of women there were probably less than 20 there. I was sad, especially in today’s economy. Of course, I did have to kind of drag Drew, but I think it was worthwhile to sit through the lecture today, even if it just helps us to focus on our needs and not our wants. Sadly, the presentation was mostly on how to get out of debt, which isn’t something we particularly suffer with (besides this monstrosity of a house we call our home), but there is always something to be learned about finances. I appreciated him taking his time to do it. I think that perhaps living with an economist father for 21 years is all the training a person needs… but reminders are nice. 😉

The other one is my little kidney stone. I don’t present in a normal fashion with stones. For instance, this one didn’t hurt much at all. Apparently, my stones sometimes pass through my kidneys without issue. Then, as they travel down the ureters, they get caught at the bladder (last time mine got caught at my bladder and wedged wrong and it blocked the urine which is called hydronephrosis — which was the seriously painful part). Apparently they bounce up and down on the bladder until it lets it in. That’s where I get the problems. I feel frequency and urgency, as we like to call it. AKA, I feel like I have to pee all the time. So, at the hospital they kept saying, “No, those are symptoms of a UTI, not a kidney stone.” And I’d say, “I know, but I really don’t think it’s a UTI.” They said they’d culture my urine and get back to me. I went home and passed a stone. Lucky me. Really though, this one — not painful. Except for the having to pee part. Not a big fan of that. Anyway, they only listened to me because I was a nurse (or, frankly they didn’t listen to me at all, but did a nice job of pretending) and sounded like I knew what I was talking about. What if I was a regular person, would I have gotten a course of antibiotics that I didn’t need? Just a reminder to listen to the people you’re dealing with.

In other news we’re cleaning our carpets today. I figure once every 5 years is enough? Am I right? Plus, the kids are now old enough to pre-treat our stains. Feel the joy.

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    You can bet I’d be dragging Joel to any finance presentation. Sad that so many people didn’t want to come.

    And I totally cleaned my carpets on Monday.

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