These Are the Days

Ahhh, mid-winter break. Stretching out in front of me as far as the eye can see. Darn how you can be spoiled by a 4 mm kidney stone. Drat you little stone.

In other news I went to Costco and got some pricing done, and bought some fabric at Joann’s to make burp cloths out of.

Thinking of taking BART up to the city. Does anyone have thoughts? Looks like Fremont’s pretty darn hard to get parking at… considering Millbrae.

Really, I’m just helping you all take a little nap, what with this boring blog entry n’ all. :)

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Grrrr... what if I had 14 of these things?


  1. Mikell says

    you know what i love about burp cloths. they make them all super cute so a baby can spit up all over them i love it!

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