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Does anyone else find it miraculous that more husbands of pregnant women aren’t killed? Personally, I find it HIGHLY sad when a pregnant woman’s husband kills her. Can you imagine the thoughts that run through her head? ALL of that work for nothing

They will never get it. I think I’ve thought more about this on this pregnancy then before — especially because of my diet that I’ve had to follow since week 10. How they will never get what it’s like to be sole provider for the wee one, alone, for 9 months. The doctors appointments, the blood draws, the aches, the pains, the kidney stones. {sigh}

Of course, I probably don’t get what it’s like to live with me. I often am fighting the urge to throw things at him. My emotions whirl on a dime, he has no clue what I’m mad at — but he is aware of one thing. I am mad. REALLY mad.

Anyway, I’ve seen it in the women’s eyes I deliver. They’re tired of the spouse acting like they care. They might care, but they don’t know and it’s hard to live with the fact that you are an incubator while they live their lives.

How does your spouse cope while you’re pregnant? Hiding? Laughing it off? Buying you stuff? Maybe you guys could give Drew some hints. :)

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    That’s funny…I mean, I know it’s totally how I felt, too. I remember telling Aaron that I now understood why God honors women so much…because we submit to bearing children! We allow this seemingly alien thing to take over our entire bodies and make us completely miserable for 9 MONTHS! That’s a LONG time!

    How did he deal with me? (And, trust me, he had to DEAL!) He took me out to eat, a lot! He put me to bed, a lot, and yes, bought me things!

    Oh, and he’s the one who’s most adamant that we not have any more children because he “doesn’t want to see you go through that (pregnancy, post-partum) again!”

    Poor husbands. Poor us.

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    My husband always says the right things, but it’s hard not to feel like he just doesn’t get it. I feel guilty about being angry all the time, but it just seems like there’s so much burden on me, and it isn’t shared. Sometimes I think they don’t understand why anything major needs to change to get through it. Why we can’t just keep up with the pace we set before we were sick, or sore, or just tired of it.
    Then again, they do have the added burden of supporting another whole person, and taking care of a wife who is a shadow of her normal self. I’m sure they just internalize most of it while we’re all too eager to let it all out! Really, there’s not a whole lot they can do, and they certainly can’t fix it.
    Only 20 weeks to go!

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    Joel has to do EVERYTHING while I’m pregnant. And he does. At least, if he wants clean clothes or dishes or dinner, he does.

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