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Bought some stuff today at Joann’s, and even though I feel a cold coming on, I can’t help but post what cute stuff I made.
What did I use? Regular quilting cotton (1/3 yd), fusible lamination and snaps. The 3 bibs don’t come cheap, but they’re completely waterproof and wipe-off-able. The lamination (which for me, came in 2 yd’s pre-packaged stuff) was only enough for all 3. The package of snaps would’ve only been enough for 2 bibs, but I had some extras (I made something similar when Conner was a baby). You can buy laminated Cotton, but it’s expensive and I’d have to pay shipping. My total for the fabric, snaps and the lamination stuff was 20 dollars. I still have enough for 5 more regular bibs (I have some old batting I’ll use to put between the 2 layers of cotton). I figure it’s at least 5 bucks/bib cost for these. Just FYI. However, they are awfully cute and hopefully will be convenient. Oh, the extra nice thing, is you just undo the snaps on the bottom and wipe out the crumbs on the bottom and then re-snap. Fancy, I know. :)

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