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Does anyone call back these days? I mean, I’ve left messages with people, and I figure I am doing it just because I like to waste my time — I hardly EVER get calls back. I’m not talking friends, I’m talking business people. It’s SO annoying. Is it not expected to return your calls anymore? A personal favorite is how at Kaiser they like to pass things between OB and Internal medicine. WHO THE HECK CARES, just SOMEONE ORDER IT. :)

Anywho. Just trying to get back to my regular life today. Every once and a while I’ll get a twinge of pain and I want to start freaking out, sadly the baby often provides a nice bounch on my bladder every hour or two. She’s staying in for a bit.

In other news we’re making our own tomato cages this year. Like these. It’s been a big investment, because the roll of stuff is pretty dang expensive. However, we’d be happy to sell some of it to our friends if anyone is interested. The reason we’re doing it is because the regular ones seem to just collapse under the weight of the tomato plants. These keep them all up and off the ground, and hopefully we’ll get more produce. Or, we’ll fail miserably. Either way, the lady at the local garden swore by these. So we’ll try it. :) As for how big our garden is, we just have small strips around our yard. We really try and pack a lot into these areas — putting taller plants in the back, and shorter ones in front. I don’t really have a method to my gardening madness, but it’s fun. Does it save us money? Probably not, although I have heard that with the water shortages around here produce, could get ugly. Either way it’s a great learning tool for our kids. And I must admit, having a garden is nice when dinner time rolls around.

Man, it’s raining up a storm around here. Maybe I’ll have to use my concrete fencing to build me an ark.

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    Those cages are awesome! Last year I was so sick of the wimpy cages that I just didn’t do anything and it was, of course, horrible. Too many hidden, rotting tomatoes on the ground that we couldn’t even see! We may have to follow your lead.

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    We never get calls back…city officials, coaches, friends…no body! I’m with you on wondering if it’s just a huge waste of my time. I really try to call people back that leave a message for me! Why can’t other people do the same thing? GRRRR!!!

    Good luck with your tomatoes!

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