Early on a Saturday

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Lately, I’ve been getting up early on Saturday. Balancing the checkbook, heading out to Safeway (I HATE that they have nice sales on Saturdays — why oh WHY can’t you do it on Fridays?), just gathering myself before we start the day. Part of me thinks I’m entirely insane, but the other part enjoys doing things alone and being productive. Most likely I’ll get a nap anyway sometime during the day.

Yesterday was pink Friday and guess who didn’t get one. Well, no one in our district did (I am talking about a pink slip for teachers, btw — and not the kind you wear under your skirt), but most especially our fine musical husband. Even though this is our 8th year with the district, he was still at risk. Someday, maybe we’ll be safe. It’s nice to know we have a job for another year. Hopefully my disability payments come soon. I keep trying to figure out how much they’ll be on the site but I don’t think I have the brainpower. Oh, and btw when ARE we getting those tax refunds? I’m starting to lack patience. It’s shocking, but true.

Husband’s going to be gone a lot this week. Really wanting the kids to step it up and not drive me into a crumbled heap. I’m re-reading all my favorite parenting books (Siblings without Rivalry, Raising your Kids and Liking them and Babywise) as of late (links to them in this entry). Trying to make sure this transition goes over ans smoothly as humanly possible.

Just trying to remind myself I am human. A human with another human inside of her. I think I’ll take us both to Safeway now.

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    I’m so glad that your husband still has a job. Things are so bad out there that you never know. BTW, we received our income tax check just today. We filed within the week we got our W2.

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