Sunday, March 15, 2009

ER, the Reunion During the Show

I've watched ER since, well... since forever. I think I didn't watch the first season, honestly because it came on too late, also there was sex on it and I don't think my parents let me watch it. As soon as I came of age, and realized I was going to major in nursing I started watching.
And I watched faithfully.
and I still do.

Even though it stinks. I watch it.

This last week Dr Benton, Juliana Marguilese and George Clooney were back on. It was like the reunion show of mash while they were still at war. Kind of weird.

But there I am, floating back to my apartment at the Regency.

There I am, wondering if I can ever be as good as Nurse Hathaway.

Wondering if doctors really act that way (yes).
Wondering if people sleep around that much (almost).
Wondering if I'd ever get into nursing school.
Wondering what'd it be like to be yelling out BP's and heart rates.

And now I know.

I know that doctors can be the biggest losers, fat people have nothing on them.

I know that nurses run the show.

I know that beds don't go so high, doctors have to deliver babies on a ladder (did anyone see that episode?).

Only two more episodes. Although I REALLY wish Nurse Hathaway was on more this season. She was my idol. Strong, caring, thoughtful -- and sweet hair.
Reminds me of someone I know.

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