Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It Takes Two

Just another title taken from Into the Woods.... :)

I've done my fair share of complaining about my husband on this blog (and I also think I do my fair share of expressing love for him too... I really try and evenly balance it -- but I must admit I tend to get more passionate when he's driving me insane).

However, he's been a rockstar lately. There are SO many things I really can't do anymore. Most of them include gardening and anything that involves prolonged bending. He has also been getting Conner almost every day so I can at least get a little cat nap before I start breaking up the post-school joy. He also does some of the jobs that I lack energy for. Plus, I write other stuff on the white board for him to do (like get down the car seat, re-plant cucumbers that have apparently died, etc.) -- and he plows through that list too.

You know, in CA they were considering taking "mother" and "father" off the birth certificate -- you know, so no one gets offended. But in reality -- HELLO -- there has to be a mother and a father, at least initially. I can't imagine how women do this alone, it's not something I'd like to try, or would I recommend. Let's face it -- it takes two. :)

P.S. Guess who finished her blurb book for Pulling Curls 2007-2008... I think it's supposed to come today. Guess who's excited. Guess what took about 9 years to do? :) Darn it, re-scheduled for tomorrow. Dang you fed-ex.


  1. Go Drew! Fathers are definitely needed.

  2. Totally jealous of the blurb book. My sil just got hers in the mail last week and it's amazing. Alas, another project for "sometime in the future"!

  3. Yay for Drew! I knew we taught him how to be good husband!! :) It does take two and although there are more times than there should be of me complaining, I'm sure glad I have my other half! I would be totally crazy without him. Now, I'm only half crazy! ;)


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