The One Where Jack Sparrow is Converted and Gets the Priesthood

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Yesterday was our stake’s “Stake Play” (great name, isn’t it)? My kids keep talking about the girl who got her tiara stolen, and the missionaries coming to covert Jack Sparrow. That’s pretty much what they got from it.

It was great, God bless the leaders who did it. Drew did it the last 2 times, but was blessed by my pregnancy this time and somehow got out of it. The kids have a great time. The leaders, well… it’s time consuming. But, he has always enjoyed getting to know the kids.

But it did remind me of the good ol’ roadshow days. I miss those. I mean, they got pretty bad at one point — but they always had a gospel theme, and often involved parents and youth, and sometimes even older primary kids — a real family affair. The only thing I remember from my ONE roadshow was Satan torturing people (my dad wrote it) and singing a lovely little diddy. Good times indeedy-doo. Seems like after that we got heavily into dance routines. Our stake was highly into ballroom dance. I remember not having my testimony especially built by the fact I lacked coordination.

So, what does your stake do? Do they do some big production like this? Ours only does it every 3 years. I think it takes that long to recouperate from the last one. It takes a LOT of family time, both from the kids and the leaders.

*** A stake is a geographical area of the LDS church. Our main congregation is a ward, and then they group a few of those wards together to make a stake. And yes, we do meat at the steak house. Except it’s spelled meet at the stake house. Bummer, no steaks were served. I would’ve enjoyed one. ******

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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