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Guess who just walked into Home Depot and bought a new dishwasher (ours is black, because we’re just not fancy enough for stainless steel).

I literally hate the one we have. It came with the house, and I’m fairly sure they went to the discount-washers-R-us (where the R is backward) and said “give us your cheapest modle so it looks fancy. It worked OK in the beginning, but by the time the salesman was done with me I was literally drooling over the new one. Things I’m excited about:

Our current dishwasher is SO loud. SO loud. We have to turn-up the TV, we can’t hear the kids — or anyone else for that matter when it runs.

Our current dishwasher only has one cleaning arm. New one — has 3.

Our current one leaves food in the bottom because it doesn’t have a disposal to chop it all up. Let’s all think how fun that is to clean up in my current fragile state — plus there are all these little traps that have like 15 screws to undo to clean-out the traps. Suicidial, when I think about it.

Today it took me over the top. It’s not dissolving the soap, it’s pumping water out the air gap into our sink, it was leaking, it wouldn’t pump out all the water and it’s leaving our dishes feeling scummy (like there’s food left on it — not just water spots, stuff’s not getting clean) – to the point I feel like I need to re-wash everything. So I was done. I did a bunch of looking online and I’d settled on a Maytag and then I went out to look at what my options were. Part of me thought I should just have Drew clean out the air gap and the drains, etc — but I knew it’d only fix it for a bit and we’d back at it. It’s a loser.

Anyway, home depot was discontinuing this model because the new one — with the buttons in the top — was coming out. I’m fine with the buttons on the front, plus this one has an adjustable top rack, which seems useful. Anyway, it’s coming to my house next week. Watch out, I’m gonna be super cheerful. :)

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