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We do emergency preparedness on the months that have 5th Mondays. It seems like there’s always one around conference. We tend to re-organize our 72 hour kits and put in clothes that will actually fit our children, replace cans that expired in 2005, stuff like that.

I know when I’ve made a 72 hour kit I feel a giant {phewsh} because it’s done — but just a reminder how important it is to assess what’s in there and replace what needs replacing. For instance, we added some baby items to ours — formula, bottles, diapers, wipes, some clothing. I think it’s pretty hard to have everything you need for a baby for 72 hours but I figure it’s a start. Also, baby’s sizes change so much — anyway, it’s better than nothing.

We also talked about reasons we’d use a 72 hour kit and how the kids don’t touch them. Good FHE. And now it’s done, chalk one up for us. :)

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