Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Siblings Without Rivalry: The Cliff Notes -- part 5

Final chapter is on fighting. It's not really something I can summarize -- except the fact that when kids aren't breaking any serious rules (aka, hitting, name calling or getting dangerous) they should solve their problems on their own.

Lately I think we've relied too much on the whole "flip a coin" strategy, and after realizing this I am aware it's better to have them figure out a solution their both happy with.

Huge fan of the Siblings Without Rivalry book. I highly recommend. Now to How to Live with your Children and Like them.


  1. I need to read this part. Lately the fighting in my house is over the top out of control.

    And I love the PINK header!

  2. Kristen Spencer11:55 AM

    Loved Siblings without Rivalry - it's one of the few help-books that I could really apply and see a difference.


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