Saturday, March 07, 2009

UVU's new President

**This is totally a Utah post -- UVU is the local college that has gone from being a technical school when I was small to a state university this past summer... feel free to entirely ignore.**

Now, I will claim a bias. We definitely called Utah Valley University (formerly known to most of us as UVSC or "the tech" if you're my mom) "Timpview College" back in the day. About 1/2 of our teachers taught there as well, and many times you could continue with them when you went to college, which -- in hindsight is a little weird.

Anyway, they picked a new president. I just don't get it. To me it shows one of two things:

1. They want to be BYU? Holland was a great president at BYU, so they figure his son will bring that to UVU. BUT, might I state in the strongest of terms that UVU is NOT BYU. They are not run by the church, they do not have the same honor code or requirements for religious education. People out of state planning to send their child to a different BYU by sending them to UVU are sadly mis-informed.

2. The new president is only an associate professor at BYU. What does that say about UVU? I will let you be the judge. I will mention that after having a father in a lot of administrative posts at BYU I can only imagine there are people with similar experiences at UVU. Why weren't those people promoted? Or someone from the U?

Let me also state that I think UVU is a great state college. But it is just that. You don't see a lot of people paying out of state tuition to come to San Jose State. It's a great option for kids who live around here, but with out of state tuition I can't imagine paying those prices for what you'll get.

Maybe I'm missing something here. I was just surprised.


  1. I was a little surprised, too. Considering who their other choices were, especially...they had a ton more administrative experience. Holland hasn't evne been chair of his department yet.

    Oh well.

    My dad still calls it "The Trade Tech" or "The Tech" half the time. Even though my mom teaches there and insists on it being called UVU. Whatev. The Tech, UVCC, UVSC, UVU...they expect us to remember all that?

  2. When I lived in Las Vegas, I have to admit I was deeply surprised by the number of parents willing and even eager to pay out of state tuition just to get their kids in the same valley as BYU. Their kids couldn't quite make the grades to get to the Y, so they went to UVU to be close to great student wards, great firesides, a great institute, and lots of single, marriageable Mormons. There were plenty of people willing to pay a lot to be by BYU.

  3. We just called it the 13th grade.


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