When Frugal hits Too Much

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There’s different tiers of being frugal, and sometimes I’m on my game and trying as hard as I can, and sometimes I’m just a pull a can of chicken out of the food storage and screw how much it costs kind of a gal? Know what I mean?

For instance, will I be frugal enough to grind my own wheat? and honestly, would it save me any money anyway? Still, I am torn on the wheat grinder. Would the money be better left in our emergency savings? It seems like everyone on here was “go for it.” And frankly, I lean towards “no way” — because space and money are my two big issues here. Anyone want to play devil’s advocate? Come on, I know there are plenty of devils out there!

Today I chose to crock-pot up some of the super cheap chicken I got a few weeks ago. I just put it in with some celery, onion, water and a few baby carrots and set it on high for about 3.5 hours. When the chicken was up to temperature I pulled it out, let it cool for a bit. I strained out the vegetables and kept the liquid to use as chicken stock. Then I took the chicken off the bone (I skinned it before I put it in the crock pot — which meant I needed to pull it out of the freezer yesterday), and put it in plastic containers — about 1.5 cup portions. I mean, it was incredibly frugal of me.

Would I do it every day? No, I wouldn’t.

I think most people are frugal on a level. I think the goal is to kick it up to the next level, where possible. That was my attempt at it today. Now, when I want a can of chicken (which seems to be happening more and more lately) I can just pull a little container out of my freezer. I’ve also considered doing this with ground beef, and dried beans. Maybe if each week I just chose a different things to do some prep work on each week, it would help out a lot. Do any of you do this? So, what are you gonna kick up this next week?

BTW, the heater’s igniter just went out. We are 200 bucks poorer, but it’s fixed and the warm air makes me happy. And heavens knows we all need to be happy. I am also happy I didn’t have to buy a new one. REALLY happy about that.

ETA: Holy Guacamole is this bag cute. It also doesn’t involve much of my least favorite job — cutting out.

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  1. says

    I’ve also contemplated the wheat grinder issue, but have come to the conclusion that it just might be easier and cheaper to buy wheat flour already ground. Maybe not, but maybe so.

  2. says

    Is the igniter the same thing as the starter? If so, that’s what went out on ours…..only it took me all day yesterday to corner Aaron and ask him. Sorry I wasn’t of any help earlier. He diagnosed it himself after seeing some singed wires or something, looking it up online and then called in a favor of a friend who used to fix heaters for a living and got the part.

    Cute purse.

    The only reason I will get a grinder someday is because I have lots of wheat stored….loads of wheat stored! I’m hoping to put a small dent in it if/when I need or want to. Freshly ground wheat bread is really so divine. I seem to remember, though, that you don’t store wheat? In that case a wheat grinder would clearly be a silly purchase.

  3. says


    Don’t do it. You can get flour on sale, borrow a friends grinder and freeze it. Flour will go on sale, I’m pretty sure wheat doesn’t. I can say with absolute certainty (may lightning strike me thrice) that I will never have a wheat grinder. But then again we eat packaged meals and buy all our bread. It always seems to be cheaper to shop the coupons and sales than to make from scratch.

    There you go. I’m an anti-grinder. Can you see my horns and pitch fork?

  4. Sarah says

    Hi Hilary!
    I got a Back to Basics brand hand grinder for Christmas that attaches to your counter and folds up pretty small. I think it cost $50 at Emergency Essentials. Anyway, do you store wheat? I say if you store wheat, you should absolutely have a way to grind it. You can also use it to grind oats and you can bake with oat flour the same way as with wheat flour.

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