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In labor and delivery we take many classes on how to interpret fetal heart rates. One of the main principles is the baseline — the point that the heart rate comes to at rest, or most of the time. It’s usually a range of 10-15 beats/minute. However, if for 10 minutes the heart rate changes for that long — it’s considered your new baseline.

I was thinking about it the other day. Sometimes you have periods in your life where your life dips down. It’s a low point, and you come back up. But, at what point does that become your “new baseline” — your new reality.

I remember watching a John and Kate episode where she said it took her a good year to realize that was their new life. The craziness they were living in was what they were going to live in. Once she accepted that, she said things got easier.

My life is currently a new baseline. I’m now home full time, and I have a pain that makes me lay down a couple of times a day (although, I had physical therapy yesterday, and that helped a lot — surprisingly — maybe it was just having someone listen to my pains for 1/2 hour that helped — who knows, but I do have some exercises to help with it). This wasn’t that difficult of a baseline to accept. However, soon we’ll be moving to a new baseline — one with little sleep, lots of cuddles, bottles and perhaps some sibling bitterness. Of course, I am hoping it won’t be our baseline — that it will just be a few weeks and then we’ll return to normal… but even then, normal will be new.

Anyway, look at me getting all introspective in these last few weeks.

In other news, I’m not going to go to Kaiser today.
Really, I’m not. Nope, not gonna do it.

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