38 weeks and hoppin’

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Just another fat picture of me. Drew took this one (I had a contest between he and Conner — Drew won, but mostly because I allowed him to climb on the slide with my camera and Conner had to stay on level ground). Yes, the baby is still high — lucky, lucky me.

Our ward also had an Easter egg hunt yesterday. While on our way Conner asked us “why do we celebrate Easter anyway?”… nice. THREE FREAKING HOURS OF CHURCH A WEEK, and I couldn’t even stop and tell him the real reasons behind Easter. At least it took a few minutes to get to the park so we could discuss it. {phewsh}
Happy Easter everyone, and might we all remember the real reason behind it — show some love to our fellow man, and perhaps thank God for the blessings he has given us, and the opportunity we have to repent and be better — and tell our kids about the REAL Easter. Heavens knows I need that. :)

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    I think you look terrific. By this point while preggers with both my boys, I just looked really heavy with a little something sticking out in the mid-section. You see, when you start out heavy anyway, you just firm up what is already there. Again, you look wonderful. Happy Easter.

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    I subbed in Primary today, and during sharing time they asked what the real reason behind Easter was and a little girl raised her hand and said, “So we can do Easter eggs and eat chocolate candy and that the Easter Bunny will bring us whatever we want.”

    Apparently, you’re not the only one whose child doesn’t know. :)

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    Happy Easter! I think we avoided the not knowing what Easter was all about by the skin of our teeth this year! Next year, probably not so lucky!

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