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I finally finished my re-read of Babywise.
I’ve implemented it with the other two.
Yes, his first few editions were a bit radical.
For me it boils down to eating every 2.5-3 hours, in a sleep-wake-eat-play repeat cycle…
I wake them during the day, not at night.
That’s about it. Of course, he expanded that into 200 pages… or so.
And has made a lot of money.
What newborn books did you read and love? Do you hate me that I am a Babywise mom? Well, I will have a baby — and heavens knows I’m wise. It just fits. :)

In other news, Kate of John and Kate Plus 8 is annoying the be-jeebers out of me. Of course, it doesn’t take much lately but S and I watched their “going green” show and I thought she was so mean to the guy and really ungrateful. And there’s me bein’ all judgemental n’ the like.

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    I am a Babywise mom also. I treasure my sleep and I wanted my kids to allow me to return to a pseudo normal schedule as soon as possible. Everyone was sleeping very well by two months.

    Except the last one, who I knew was the last one and I spoiled her. I kept up the feeding schedule, but ADORED the cuddling at bedtime.

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    I don’t do schedules. Therefore, I don’t do Babywise (never even read it). But hey, if you can get your baby sleeping through the night early, I’m all for it!

    Chloe was a great sleeper early on, and Sophia was pretty good. Bria was awful. Amen.

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    Babywise gave me a life back when I started using it on Jared when he was a couple months old. I had no idea when anything was supposed to happen so all day I just had to guess and that completely stressed me out. Add the total lack of sleep and I was pretty desperate. It didn’t fix everything but I knew what was supposed to happen and he slept better though not great and it made all the difference. I felt I could survive. I used it from the start with Adam and he slept for a long stretch at like 4 weeks and was consistently sleeping through the night by about 8 or 9 weeks. The difference between the two was night and day. So, yay for Babywise!

    I also lived by Happiest Baby on the Block. Read tons from What to Expect the First Year (I read a lot while I was nursing Jared….nursing Adam is not quite so peaceful for some reason). Other books that I liked were Baby Whisperer, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and the LDS Mother’s Almanac.

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    You said you demand comments so here goes. I saw your comment on Shawni’s blog and came over here. I have to agree on Babywise. Used it with all 3 kids. The oldest is 14 so I read the original radical book but used my common sense and made it work for me. I loved having them all sleep through the night by 6 to 8 weeks. Maybe it’s because I’m selfish and need my sleep so I’m not a total witch.

    Now it’s hard for me to watch other parents with toddlers who take 4 hours to get to sleep at night and have no boundaries. I try not to be judgmental, you know, but I want to hand them all Babywise…

    About Kate – she was in our town yesterday speaking at the Southern Women’s Show and of course was mobbed by fans but some of the other vendors were saying she was so full of herself it was sickening, that she came and collected her big $$ and left. I don’t know how true it is, because I didn’t catch her there. But it made me think, I wish I had something I could parlay into big speaking engagements!

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