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Lately I’ve had some younger friends doing blogs.

First off, I found it amusing — I mean, what would my blog have been about when I was in college? Roommates, boys, how much the nursing program TOTALLY STINKS. I mean, super boring stuff like that.

But I’d LOVE to read it now. It’s easier to get-out thoughts and emotions when I type rather than write, and while I have journals from those time periods, it’d be fun to have it with pictures, etc.

Anyway, it’s also fun to read their blogs and remember when my life was as cool as theirs. When my main concern was the weather, school and boys — not controlling an uncontrollable housing market or cervix. :)

Anywho… heavens knows I love a good blog.

In other news — yes, it is 3 am. I was falling asleep before the kids at 7 pm last night, and just went to bed. But now I’m awake. But I think I’m ready to go back to bed. You know, just seein‘ what it’s like to be up at this hour, since I’ll be very well acquainted with it soon. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Ha! My life is way cooler than yours…and just because I write one post on the weather, well 2, does not mean that’s my main concern 😀 . What can I say…I just want to be more like you!

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