Can’t. Do. It.

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Today we put up the crib.
I wanted to get some drawers or something to go under it.
We went to Target (haven’t been there in months, so proud of myself).
So, we could either get blue roll-out bins, or purple.
What color did we get?
Seriously, could not bring myself for that sicky lavender color to be all under the crib. I mean, she’ll be adorable when she wears it, but that room is entirely primary colors.
I mean, it’s blue and yellow. It’s practically Drew’s school colors.
And let’s not even mention BYU colors.
Go Cougs!
Am I right here, or did I scar her for life already?
In other news I bought some tiny baby bows. Most likely just for photo shoots, but it was my first bow purchase. Bow to the bows.

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  1. says

    Girl, if that’s what matches the room, that’s definitely what should have been bought.

    But what color is her bedding? Blue? Which is fine. I made Bria’s crib set, and it was navy blue because I wanted it to last for more kids…it fell apart after Chloe (guess I didn’t do a great job, or used inferior materials) so I just went ahead and bought pink with Sophia. Why not? Who knows if I”ll EVER Have a boy?

  2. says

    See, that’s the great thing about girls! They can wear anything, boy or girl clothes, and if you do something cute with their hair they still look like girls. That goes for room decor too! Boys don’t look so good in pink, but girls look fabulous in blue (especially blue baseball outfits!) You have endless possibilities and it’s hard to go wrong! Enjoy!

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